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Thank you, mata! 🙂

My offline life has been keeping me beyond busy, so don’t take it personally if you emailed me and I didn’t reply yet or didn’t upload your eventual contribution. I really appreciate your feedback, visits and contributions! Don’t ever doubt it! 😉 I’ll try to reply when I can and if your email needs a reply. Hopefully I miss any. A robot would be very helpful right now. 😀

13 Responses to “May Wallpaper”
  1. George Says:

    Thank you our consistent Mata.
    Miss M: I hope you are busy with interesting things and not with boring liabilities 🙂
    We very much appreciate your time devoted to us given the offline heavy obligations.
    I start assembling a robot for relieving you. It’s name: Marian-E

  2. Ea Says:

    Mariana: I think we all really appreciate everything you do to satisfy our “Eva-hunger”. I know I do. But now that you mention it, I did send you an e-mail in the beginning of the year, with a drawing, did you ever get it?

    And didn’t I once promise to send a photo of a poster i got for my birthday?

  3. Ea Says:

    Oh yeah, the calender is lovely, Mata…

  4. Tango_down Says:

    Be careful with robots, they can backfire on you…

    Yea I can’t wait for Terminator Salvation 😀

  5. fx_razor Says:

    Hello , could somebody translate short french text about Eva to ang in this picture from Photo magazin?


  6. Olga Iv Says:

    Good news for “Casino Royale” fans !!!
    Here are some links to the deleted scenes!
    I like the film much more after watching these scenes!


  7. Astrea Says:

    Hi everybody ^^

    Franklyn dvd is in pre order now. The due for release is 22/06/2009, only in UK 🙁


  8. Ricky Says:

    Hi Mariana!!! How are you?? Is everything fine?? :))

    I saw Franklyn the other day!!! It’s fantastic!!!!!! Eva was great and the movie itself was astonishing!!!! 😮 Did you like it?? 🙂

  9. Emi Says:

    Hola.alguien sabe cuando se estrena Franklyn en españa!!

  10. Johnny Says:

    Thank you Mata for this wonderful calendar page!

    I found out that Franklyn will be released in Portugal in 25th June! I’m really excited! I was considering ordering it from the UK (or trying “other” shameful ways) but now I just have to be a little more patient.

    By the way does anyone know if Womb is still filming?

  11. Tascha Says:

    Johnny: The filming is over.

  12. Johnny Says:

    Emi: En Portugal, el debut 25 de junio. La fecha para el lanzamiento en España no sé…

  13. Johnny Says:

    Oh and thank you Tascha 😉

    I see that it took a while for Womb to finish filming. I’m anxious to see the final result!