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Just in case there are some Romanians with access to a scanner visiting us, Eva is gracing the cover of the Romanian magazine Bolero this May. You can view the cover here.

2 Responses to “Eva Green on the cover of Bolero”
  1. EvaAnne Says:

    Not related to this magazine, but:

    I finally managed to see “Franklyn” today! Such an amazing movie, I loved it!!! Especially the character of Emilia.
    I cannot believe some people (*cough*Jonathan Ross*cough*) gave this film a bad review. It was great , and so clever!

  2. George Says:

    EvaAnne: Frankly, I think that Franklyn was a brilliant idea that could make a hit. However, something was missing and this was not definitely the actors/actresses’ performance (especially Eva’s).

    PS I liked Eva with glasses…