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Pourquoi avez-vous choisi Charlotte Gainsbourg ?
J’ai fait quelques auditions, notamment avec Eva Green, mais son contrat était trop compliqué. Charlotte Gainsbourg s’est imposée en s’investissant beaucoup dans le projet. C’est une personne très timide. Nous n’avons pas beaucoup parlé mais elle a immédiatement adhéré au film. De manière générale, j’ai toujours préféré diriger les actrices plutôt que les acteurs.

Source: Le Figaro

25 Responses to “Lars von Trier : «“Antichrist” est ma thérapie»”
  1. George Says:

    Wow! With my poor French I understood that Eva was auditioned for the female role in Lars von Trier Antichrist (with Willem Dafoe)! Interesting!!!

    Tango_down, I am sure that you can translate it in less than 2 minutes and much better than google translate 🙂

  2. EvaAnne Says:

    This is interesting news…I generally like Von Trier (I’m actually writing a paper on his 1998 film The Idiots right now), and “Antichrist” is definitely making waves at Cannes… It would be nice to see Eva work with Von Trier in the future!

  3. Lola Says:

    I hear it’s really divided people at Cannes – there’s lots of sado-masochistic sex in it, as well as scenes of violence and self-mutilation…some are said to have screamed in horror at the screening.
    I’m glad Eva wasn’t a part of it, personally.

  4. Tascha Says:

    EvaAnne and George: what I understand is that Eva was considered but rejected because of her complicated contract…

    What is right?

  5. loloo Says:

    yes eva was the first choice of lars von trier for this movie
    but im happy she’s not in this movie who had some bad reviews at cannes . but the performance of the 2 actors charlotte gainsbourg and willem dafoe is great, maybe charlotte will win a trophy for “best actress” there .

  6. George Says:

    EvaAnne: I read some critiques from Cannes for Antichrist, and also a relevant interview of Charlotte Gainsbourgh talking about her experience. By the way, von Trier stated that for him “… it was kind of therapy for the depression he battled in 2007”. and that “…he make the film for himself not for the audience”.
    I can understand now why Eva declined the role although it was offered by a big director.

    PS The male role in the film is called “He” and the female “She”…

  7. Martina Says:

    Why did you choose Charlotte Gainsbourg?
    I did some casting, also with Eva green,but her contract was too complicated. Charlotte was very interested and very dedicated to the project. She’s a very shy person. We didn’t talk that much but she was caught up in the film immediatley. I’ve almost always prefered directing actresses rather that actors.

  8. George Says:

    Tascha: Her “complicated contract” was “complicated” according to Lars von Trier and probably has to do with the specific film: maybe the complication was that the contract imposed some standards that the director was not happy with them, as he wanted unobstructed control over the actress.

  9. EvaAnne Says:

    Tascha: yes, that’s what I understood as well. When I read it I got quite curious about her contract, haha! 😉 But Eva doesn’t seem like someone who would make unreasable demands…

    George: Unfortunately I got more of the impression Von Trier declined Eva, instead of the other way round. 🙁

  10. Olga Iv Says:

    OMG !!!
    What an interesting news!
    I like Eva as well as von Trier.. but It’s good that she isn’t in this film…

  11. Hellagood Says:

    Actually Nicole Kidman was his first choice for this role
    you can read it here

  12. George Says:

    EvaAnne: Yes, you are probably right. He declined Eva because of the “complicated” contract. I just tried to interpret which might be the “complications”. Besides, Eva stated once that she would like to work with von Trier. Maybe in his next project…

  13. Kajual Says:

    Hi everyone, I just bought the last issue of the french mag Studio ciné live which presents an interviex of Lars Von Trier.
    Here is what he said about Eva :
    “The movie is really violent and contains explicit sex. I knew that William Dafoe would follow me on Antichrist. I had more troubles with Eva Green, who was supposed to play Charlotte’s role. It seems that her agent dissuaded her to do it. Too bad. Luckily I finally met Charlotte Gainsbourg, who was very attentive and understanding. After her audition, she told me what any director wants to hear from his actors : “I could die for this role !”

    -sorry for the possible mistakes, my english isn’t perfect 😉 –

    In my opinion, Antichrist was a very bold choice to make, maybe too much if you think in terms of managment. After all, she did The dreamers, and it is considered by many as a schoking movie. Too bad : I think she once told the press she would love to be directed by von Trier, hasn’t she ?

  14. George Says:

    Martina: I almost forgot you !!! Many thanks for the very good translation.

  15. George Says:

    Mariana: anxiously waiting for photos from AMFAR galla in Cannes…

  16. Olga Iv Says:

    Look at Eva !!! Wonderfull hairdo and the color of the hair!!!!http://fr.news.yahoo.com/3/20090521/img/pwl-france-cannes-amfar-arr-46ac136c2e0c.html

  17. George Says:

    Thank you Kajual for the info !!!

  18. Tascha Says:

    … thanks to all for the updates…

  19. George Says:

    Kajual: … and your English are perfect 🙂
    Time will show if her agent was right.
    However, from the first reactions regarding the film, it seems that her agent acted rather rationally and wisely. After all, this is the main job of a good agent, to foresee and accordingly prevent or encourage…

  20. Johnny Says:

    I think Eva made the right decision. The movie seems too violent and schizophrenic :s

    I know Eva mentioned Lars von Trier as one of her favorite directors and seeing how he seems to be mentioning her in some interviews I think there’s a high chance for Eva to star in one of his next films, which hopefully won’t be as obscure as this one.

    Well my dream is to see Eva in a Tim Burton movie, and we never know as Eva seems to audition more than I thought 😀

  21. Kajual Says:

    Thank you George for the appreciation 😀 !

    Anyway, you’re very welcome concerning the quick info 😉 In some way, I’m glad she didn’t do Antichrist – I’m not very comfortable with the way/themes of this movie, and even if I’m sure he did a superb work on the images or realisation, I don’t think I’ll go see it. Eva’s agent acted rationally yes, even if being directed by Lars Von Trier is very prestigious, I think doing this film COULD have restricted her future choices of career. Moreover, she’s already making the next Larry Clark’s movie, in my opinion, it’s already a very bold career move ! :p

  22. George Says:

    Johnny: Yes in a Tim Burton movie, costaring with Johnny Depp! I also imagine her in a Coens’ or Tarantino’s movies showing some of her “comedian” capabilities…
    By the way concerning Antichrist, I see great chance for Charlotte Gainsbourgh winning the female role award in Cannes. Besides, her performance in a very questionable role, it will count that there are a lot of women-members of the jury that may feel sympathy for her “adventure”. But, even in this case, I am not sure if the palm-award that may be forgotten in the next couple of years counterbalance the “tough” experience and the career risk…

  23. Ea Says:

    This is great news! I love Lars Von Trier (*waving the danish flag* finally some one to be proud of!). I guess it means she’s got over her “fear” to work with him…

    I really hope they’ll work together in the future.

  24. spot Says:

    i see why her agent declined this opportunity and why her contract’s “complicated”. i still have hope she’ll work with Von Trier in the future.

    thanks for those who took time to translate. i appreciate it 🙂

  25. George Says:

    The award for Best Actress went to Charlotte Gainsbourg for her role in “Antichrist”. The best picture award went to the “Prophet” who is George 🙂 . I will go for a PhD in women’s psychology…