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Thanks to Kajual for the heads-up! 😀

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  1. Marie (FR) Says:

    Thank you ! Thank you for all the EGwebsite team!
    She’s gorgeous… oh my heart… lol
    I can’t wait much longer for this film (and Womb!)


  2. EvaAnne Says:

    Oooooww…very pretty! <3

  3. George Says:

    Latest news from Cannes (as I perceive them): Eva was supposed to present the Camera d’Or award (to the creators of Samson and Delilah) but she gave her position to her youth idol Isabelle Adjani. Adjani was supposed to present the Palm d’Or award but after the objections of another Isabelle (Huppert) she didn’t. So the “carambola” strikes Eva who showed her superiority and offers her position without making noise. This is my interpretation of what I read in:

    PS Thank you Kajual for the photo of Miss G(orgeous) 🙂

  4. spot Says:


  5. EvaAnne Says:

    George: thanks for the info. How good of Eva! (but how childish of Huppert!)

  6. Monique Says:

    Thanks Kajual, Miss M and George!!!!

    George: I’ve watched a few movies featuring Huppert…I didn’t know she was this mean…hmpf…good thing Eva’s way, way above that kind of mix-up crap…

    I’m very happy for and proud of Brilliante Mendoza for snagging that win…regrettably, I haven’t watched any of his films (the showings were limited), but I’ve heard some of his films were good (“Serbis” and “Foster Child”)…his movies give a nice break from the shallow overly weepy mainstream movies here…

  7. Kajual Says:

    I’ve been very disappointed by Huppert’s behaviour at Cannes ( all the stories about her being very directive with the others members of the jury…) Not that I’m particularly fond of her anyway, but that was completely childish, as EvaAnne pointed it out…

    You’re welcome for the Cracks still 😉 It’s just a tiny contribution.
    Oh, and before I forget, a new Montblanc ad appeared and it’s just gorgeous !
    And a link to Montblanc related : http://www.jalougallery.com/eva-green-devient-une-montblanc-girl-art-64.html


  8. George Says:

    Thanks Kajual for the gorgeous photo! I prefer this look than AMFAR’s look, actually you can hardly say it’s the same person! Ttransformations seems to be Eva’s favourite game…
    PS Next casting: Transformers 2 🙂