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Eva Green thinks Matt Smith will make an “amazing” Doctor Who.
The Bond girl, who stars alongside Matt in their new flick Womb, thinks he will be great at the role.
She said: “He’s great, he is very instinctive, very eccentric, very unusual and very unique which is good for an actor.”
She added: “He is very, very funny, he can do anything.”
However, Eva doesn’t actually watch the show herself.
“I live in France so I am not very familiar with the Doctor Who,” she explained. “But I know he will do an amazing job.”
The film, which comes out later this year, sees a woman cloning her lover after he dies suddenly.

Source: The Press Association
Thanks to George for the heads up!

9 Responses to “Eva talks about Co-Star Matt Smtih”
  1. Kajual Says:

    Thanks George and Miss M 😉
    She seems to have great relationships with her co-workers (Sam riley, now Matt smith… I won’t obviously mention Marton Csokas 😀 )

    Can’t wait for Cracks, but have to say I’m feeling very curious about Womb. For now, it reminds me Birth with Nicole Kidman (did anyone see it here ?) but I hope it will be better…

    Oh and two new pictures appeared on the Sylvie Lancrenon official page, I presume they’re from the Madame Le figaro recent photoshoot ( and Eva is as usual gorgeous )

    Go to http://www.sylvielancrenon.com/ “Beauty” section.
    Also a superb photograph from a past Elle shooy 😉

  2. Tascha Says:

    Indeed, many thanks for this interview!

    But call me confused by now – I thought she’s living in London? Has she moved back to Paris? Anyone knows?

  3. George Says:

    Tascha: She means in the past, when Doctor Who was in his peak, she lived in Paris.

  4. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : She lives in London but her heart is still divided between Big Ben’s town and Paris, where her parents live. For my part I’m glad she’s still remaining parisian, that she doesn’t cut her french roots.
    A proof of that is when she broke her BAFTA’s trophy she said after that she decided to put a half in Paris and the other in London 😉

  5. Johnny Says:

    Thanks George and Miss M!

    I’m more anxious to see Cracks than Womb but it’s good to see Eva promoting both 🙂

  6. George Says:

    Thank you Kajual for the update

  7. Tascha Says:

    Tango_down: I see… also thought something like this, but I wasn’t sure anymore.
    Poor Eva, wouldn’t want to decide betweem them, too… thanks for the info!

  8. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : I don’t she would have to decide, she can love both of them. As a parisian I know sometimes you feel like there’s something missing in this town and you want to go elsewhere, that’s certainly what she looked for and found in London, both cities have great qualities, but some of them are very different, they may be complementary (like English and French people have always been 😆 (ironic)). So it’s a great chance for her to enjoy both of them, when you have too much with Paris you go to London and vice versa, now that they’re very well connected by train.
    I also think she often return in Paris because she remains very tied to her mother, as she always says in her interviews, with a difficult job that is to be an actress her mother is certainly her first support. I wouldn’t be surprised to see in the living room of her parents’ flat in Paris : “Home Sweet Home” 😆

    Maybe the best chance to meet Eva is to take the Eurostar 😆

  9. spot Says:

    this makes me more excited to see Womb…though i’m honestly more excited for Cracks 😛

    Thanks George and Miss M for this. also thanks Kajual for the link 🙂