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Thanks to Olga Iv, here’s an interview that took place during Eva’s trip to St. Petersburg. It was published in Hello magazine (Russia) #27. Unfortunately she can’t send us scans ’cause she doesn’t have the magazine; it was sold out. She found the interview on the website http://hello.ru/articles/belie_nochi.html

Eva, you present the jewelry company. Do you agree that diamonds are the best girls’ friends?

Maybe, yes, but partly. What girl doesn’t like jewels? I also do but I don’t like if it’s too much or if it sparkles a lot. It can draw an attention from a woman. I prefer expensive jewel but laconic one.

Do you remember your first diamond?

Yes, I was given it as a present some years ago, in Venice by the former front man of Talking Heads, Dave Byrne. It was so great and I didn’t expect it at all! (laughs)

You were born in Paris but when you were just sixteen you moved to London. Weren’t you afraid of leaving your hometown in young age?

No. I moved in the place I’ve already known. By that time I had friends in London and there was no question where to stay or who ask for help. So, I have no troubles. I didn’t leave France for China, did I?

You are still living in the UK. How do you feel if you are Frenchwoman or Englishwoman?

It’s difficult to say. As a city I prefer London where there are a lot of parks and fresh air. I like walking there. But Paris is the place where my family and my friends live. I visit them very often because now when there is a tunnel under English Chanel it becomes easier.

Who is your family now?

My parents and my sister.

Is your sister also an actress?

No, she is not in the cinema. She adores horses which are her real passion. She raises and sells them, so, there is only one actress in our family.

You were in the Bond film. Why do you prefer to act in the independent films after such commercially successful project?

It was one of the reasons. I agreed to star in Bond film because this role could help me to become well-known. As you approach such popularity you become freer in choosing the roles. Now I film only in the projects I really like. And it’s no matter if it’s commercial film or independent one.

Hello magazine #27 (with David and Victoria Beckham on the cover).

7 Responses to “Eva in Hello mag. (Russia)”
  1. George Says:

    Thank you so much Olga Iv (…and Miss M).

    PS …David Byrne ?!?!

  2. caro82 Says:

    Interesting interview, thanks! anyone know if it is true that it cancel proctecto the Mona Lisa.

  3. Tascha Says:

    caro82: Read it on imdb.com, too. But as Mona Lisa is/was supposed to start on Aug 3rd, and Cracks world premiere on Sep 10th, these two are very close together and don’t really match together…

    George: Lol…;).

  4. George Says:

    caro82: The rumors are for withdrawal of Rourke (source: http://www.uniquelyrourke.com/home.html , credibility: unknown) not for the cancellation of the project.
    However, I don’t feel dissapointed with these rumors… 🙂

  5. Tascha Says:

    George: thanks for the update!

  6. George Says:

    … but I feel disappointed with my typos 🙂

  7. caro82 Says:

    thanks .. mona lisa is a really good project eva.
    I have a question that remains dating Eva Marton??