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Thanks to Tascha.

Between futurist Franklyn in which she’s playing a lost soul and the filming for Shame (Remake Mona Lisa) with Mickey Rourke in New York City the James Bond Girl doesn’t get bored.

She relaxes in taking Japanese lessons and little trips to Italy.

Holidaying means to you…? Relaxing and discover y. I’ve troubles resting immobile for a couple of hours. I like going around and to explore my environment.

How do you can calm down? I fill up my iPod with classical music; Gustave Mahler’s symphonie N°5 from Arvo Pärt. Preisner helps me to come to rest.

Your nighmare concerning holidays? I once went camping in Long Island, near New York. The heat was insufferable; it was impossible to go to sleep with a temperature not under 28° degrees in the night. Like hell.

Your secret for great holidays? Being together with people you like; forget about everyting for a while. Following the „Carpe diem“.

Your challenge for the summer? To learn Japanese. I hold a great fascination about the Japanese and their culture. Haruki Murakimi has inspired me to discover it.

(I’m not sure about the folllowing ‚ because I haven’t heard the expression „RTT“ before and google also wasn’t a good help… but has it got anything to do with reducing working hours??? Tango_down???.

So… maybe: Do you prefer longer holidays or RTT? (The longer the better….???).

Your dressing code? Comfortable clothing in which you can breathe.

What’s in your suitcase? I only travel with the minimum! Some tops, one or two long skirts, some linen trousers, sneakers, a pair of „tongs“ (open sandals), sun blocker, black mascara, concealer, a blush in peach and my contact lenses.

Do you prefer silence or is it more to stay into contact – with whomorever? I switch anything off. I don’t like the sound of the phone. By the way, I always turn my cell phone off.

What’s the first thing you’re doing in the morning? I drink a big glass of water on an empty stomach an d then I go running. There’s nothing more effective to help you keeping your figure and to build up stress.

Do you enjoy cooking in your holidays? No, only from time to time. I prefer to discover new restaurants!

Your favourite drink? Red Wine, especially „Penfolds Grange“ from Australia.

The place you like best? Italy and most for it – the Apulia region. It’s beautiful, but not overcrowded like the Amalfi cost.

Are you more the early morning riser who’s doing some „Yoga“ on the terrace at 7 o’clock in the morning or the late one who’s partying the whole night?

I’m more like the „old-lady“-type (qui ne va jamais en boîte???). I like to get up as early as I can to profit from the morning. It’s the moment of the day I adore – when everybody else’s still sleeping!

Your favourite hotel? „Le royal“ in the Baule region (C’est ma madeleine de Proust???). It remembers me to my childhood days when I went there with my parents and my sister.

What do you like more – Tongs, Tod’s or K-Jacques? Tongs! They’re really handy!

Souvenirs you bring with? If I go to Morocco I roam the Souks where I find incredible spices!

What’s your hobby? I like reading; actually it’s „Anna Karenina“.

The treasure you appreciate most? My mum!

A talent you’d like to have? Singing!

A director/helmer you’d like to meet at the beach? Audiard – I‘ m a big fan.

What will you do being back at home? I’ve got some projects, but I’m always superstitious.

10 Responses to “Madame Figaro Translation”
  1. john Says:

    Thanks for the interview.

    RTT -> Réduction du temps de travail


  2. EvaAnne Says:

    So “Mona Lisa” is re-titled “Shame”?

  3. thirtyspokes Says:

    Tascha, THANK YOU!!!

  4. Tango_down Says:

    Bravo Tascha ! I think all people here have to realize that you’ve just translated something which wasn’t in your native language, which means a hard good work !

    In the way Eva talks about it, as in french people common way, RTT doesn’t mean exactly what John refers to. I mean the wikipedia article talks about french and especially socialist party’s (like democrate in USA) policy to reduce working hours per week. Actually, it’s 35h/week but a decade ago it was 40h/week.
    The other signification of RTT is “Récupération du Temps de Travail” which means “Working Hours Recovery”. As you can guess it’s a day of rest given by compensation for having worked more than the hours you should have done, which means extra working hours.
    What people often do is to put their RTT a Friday which give them a longer week-end and the opportunity to go for a little 3 days trip.
    So when the journalist asks Eva “Long holidays or RTT ?”. She simply means “Long holidays or week-end/few days trip ?”. It’s true that only french people can understand that turn of phrase.

    In France, it’s often people who have high jobs (executive for example) who are concerned by RTT, of course because they sometimes have to make extra working hours.
    But in the common language, RTT can have a funny, teasing connotation, I mean you can easily make jokes with that. When for example you have a superior who is often absent or on holidays, you can say that he can’t cope with his RTT, something like that. Or when you feel tired at the middle of the week you say “Oh I would like so much to take a RTT” (even if you don’t have any one, it can be ironic).

  5. George Says:

    Thanks multilingual Tascha !!!
    Tango_down: where have you been? We missed you…

    Don’t miss me, I am on vacation without internet but with a lot of sun and sea (…and wind)

  6. caro82 Says:

    Thank Tascha.

  7. Tango_down Says:

    George : Far Far Away, you have a hello from Shrek and Fiona

  8. Tascha Says:

    George: Enjoy your vacation… what a lovely word…

    Tango_down: Jesus… you’ve found your words again… well, more or less… I don’t have to get worried because of Shrek and Fiona altogether… ;)?.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your help concerning RTT! It’s just that Eva’s got a certain kind of humour that’s not really easy to translate if French’s not your native one…

    But I’m still wondering what’s meant by “… qui ne va jamais en boîte? Boîte in the sense of bed? Would make some sense… well, at least, I hope so.
    But this “C’est ma madeleine de Proust?”.
    And what the devil are K-Jaques???
    I know that she was talking about shoes… but I miss the specification… Please help once more…

  9. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : “Aller en boîte” means go to nightclub, because in french nightclub is called “boîte de nuit” (boîte = box, which is not a very human appellation).
    “Madeleine de Proust” means a phenomena when the vision of an object or a scene (something which gives you a feeling of “deja vu”) makes you living throuh a deep memory again which suddenly resurfaces. In fact, Proust wrote a novel “Du côté de chez Swann” in which he told that the vision of his fingers diving a shell-shaped cookie (“madeleine” in french) in a cup of coffee made him suddenly reminded about his childhood.
    In this context, The Royal hotel in Baule is Eva’s “Madeleine de Proust” means that maybe the simple view of the front of the building makes Eva reminds a lot of memories from her childhood.
    Here is a wikipedia article about the french madeleine : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_(cuisine)
    Heu… K-Jacques seems to be a summer’s shoes shop in St Tropez (thanks Google) : http://www.kjacques.fr/
    Arvo Part is a contemporary compositor whose works sound very strange, orthodox, like dark sacred music (try to listen to Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten)
    I know you didn’t asked about Arvo Part but I’m already anticipating your next questions lol

  10. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : Of course as you can understand, Eva said that she never goes to nightclub, prefering to go to bed early.