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Thanks to A. 🙂

9 Responses to “Eva Green in Citizen K Russia”
  1. George Says:

    Thank you A. Wow, in the third photo I hardly recognize her!

  2. spot Says:

    too much photoshopping (and she doesn’t need it! what a travesty!) but an interesting photoshoot. even the cherub’s reaching out to Eva 😆

    Thanks A. and Miss M! 😀

  3. kev Says:

    A new photoshoot: it was time!!!
    But I agree with you : too much photoshopping. We can’t recognize her at first sight!

  4. A. Says:

    😉 I agree with spot, the photoshoot in itself is interesting but it’s just… not Eva. But maybe we will get some fresh interview from russa ?

    And, the the first Cracks “trailer” (or at least preview) is out ! 😀

  5. A. Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yxE130-uNE&feature=player_embedded#t=54 I know it’s not much and can’t really be called a “trailer” but…

  6. thirtyspokes Says:

    Thank you A!

    I loved the clip from 2:00-2:20… I am impressed with the way she inhabits the role of “teacher.”

  7. George Says:

    Thanks A. Better than nothing…

  8. caro82 Says:

    on this page eva new image and Ewan on the set.

    Metro Ewan and Eva film on waterfront‎

  9. George Says:

    …just a Last Word