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Thanks to eden for the heads up on these!
One is a lovely MontBlanc video promoting “Signature for Good” (filmed in Hamburg, Germany, judging by the dress Eva is wearing), and the other two are from the Toronto International Film Festival and include – you guessed it – several scenes from “Cracks”. 😉

13 Responses to “Video galore”
  1. Paolo Says:

    I don’t see anything.

  2. EGW webmistress Says:

    Paolo: Click on “Read more”

  3. Paolo Says:

    Maybe there’s some firewall in my Pc at work..

  4. EGW webmistress Says:

    Paolo: No problem. But they are working. Try at home. 🙂

  5. thirtyspokes Says:

    The 3rd video is an AWESOME interview!!

  6. Fair Says:

    They are amazing! Thankyou!

  7. Paolo Says:

    I wanna see Cracks now!!!!!!!!

  8. Johnny Says:

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you Miss M and eden! I’m really anxious to see Cracks, but first I have yet to see Franklyn (the release date here was delayed until the end of the year *sigh*)

    I have some news concerning Mona Lisa! This one is not necessarily new because we already know that Mona Lisa was postponed. Now we actually know why:


    By the way the rumor saying that Mickey Rourke was out/fired from the project is apparently false, as he’s trying to get Mick Jagger to play Michale Caine’s role in the original Mona Lisa.

    Also I found in a portuguese website that “Wild Child” (new title: “Savage Innocence”), Larry Clark’s new movie, will start production this November and will last until May, so I guess we won’t see Mona Lisa happening before next year’s fall… I’ll leave the link even though it’s written in portuguese:


  9. dianahawthorne Says:

    Thanks so much for posting a link to the video I uploaded (the second one)!

    I hope it’s all right to leave the link to a new LiveJournal community I started, garlandofgirls, which is dedicated to Cracks.


  10. EGW webmistress Says:

    Sure it is. 🙂

    And thank you for uploading the video! 🙂

  11. George Says:

    Johnny: Thanks for the info and the link. Larry Clark seems to prioritize his favorite subject: teenagers and sex. Nevertheless, I hope to see Eva and Mick Jagger together in the project.

    dianahawthorne: Thnx, I already visited the site, nice work!

  12. George Says:

    Mariana: I just noticed that you updated the Eva projects’ column of the site 🙂

  13. Nikos Says:

    Very nice work here folks again!! And as Always Eva Green looks Acts & Looks Great
    I would love to meet this Beautiful Woman!!!