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Head over here for an exclusive preview clip of “Cracks”. 😉

Imdb has two trailers up, which you can see here. Thanks to Franziska for the heads up! 😀
She also let us know that “Cracks” is not going to be shown in cinemas in Switzerland, which probably applies for Austria and Germany as well.
Update: Thanks to Natxo you can watch a 30 minutes clip from the TIFF “Cracks” press conference on YouTube, split into four parts: One | Two | Three | Four

6 Responses to “Cracks”
  1. George Says:

    Thnx to Franziska, Natxo and you Miss M. TIFF’s press conference is also in the official site (34 min) in http://www.tiff.net/livefromthefestival/mediagallery/2226/default.aspx?mode=video

    Bloody Imdb refuses to show me the video clip 🙁

  2. Tascha Says:

    That’s what I feared… anyway, trailer and press conference is at least a little something to look forward on. Simply amazing.

    Thank you all for the updates.

  3. Nikos Says:

    Bella Mia Eva
    Sas Agapo!!!!

    Like an Angel sent from Heaven!!


  4. Natxo Says:

    It is a honor to colabore to this web.
    I can’t see the video clip in Imdb, like George.

  5. EvaAnne Says:

    George: I have the same problem with imdb. I get the message: “We’re sorry. We don’t have any videos that match your query.”

    What’s going on? Is it a server related thing, or has imdb removed the videos?

  6. Nikos Says:

    Folks it is working now just wait a few minutes and it will come on. Again the below is up & running:


    Good Press Conference and Naturally Eva Green is So Beautiful…..

    Enjoy as this as I agree with Natxo it is an Honor to speak & review on this Web!!

    Respectfully Always,