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Big thanks to Lorna for these! 😀
Special ‘wow’ for the Stella spread. 😉

8 Responses to “Various Scans”
  1. carol82 Says:

    The photos are beautiful eva this espectacular.Si not too much trouble could make the interview so that it can translate into the google translator, it seems very good interview.

  2. George Says:

    Special wow thanks to Lorna !

  3. George Says:

    I just read the interview. Not a bad one, but I think that there are much more interesting questions to ask Eva… (…unless you passed out at her sight).

    PS Right Tango_down?

  4. kev Says:

    Just for information, Casino Royale will be broadcast on french TV France2 on Sunday December the 6th at 20h35.

  5. George Says:

    kev: …with Eva dubbing herself in French? Or is it an other woman’s voice?

  6. Nikos Says:

    I enjoyed the Article and thanks for posting so we could all see it! Again reading through you see this young Lady is more or less shy and is a total different person from her parts she plays this more or less shows you what a Great Actress she is!!
    Oh yes and Beautiful as well 🙂

  7. kev Says:

    Georges : She dubs herself in french!!

  8. George Says:

    kev: Wow, I must see the French version too…