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Thanks to Mark for the heads up!

[…]So what is going on with THE GREEN LANTERN movie?

Not much has been heard about the film since they cast Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and the production was pulled out of Australia.

Well, I did my usual snooping around and I was able to nail down who the five candidates are for the role of CAROL FERRIS – Hal Jordan’s love interest in the film.

Per the script, Carol Ferris (27) is the daughter of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris. She works for her dad’s company FERRIS AIR, got an MBA, and has a lifetime crush on Hal Jordan.

According to my sources, the five candidates are:

1) James Bond heartbreaker EVA GREEN

Read the full article here. 😀

5 Responses to “Eva considered for role in “The Green Lantern”?”
  1. George Says:

    Thanks Mark (…and Miss M of course)
    Two reasons that favor Eva for the role:
    (1) The director is Martin Cambell that worked with Eva in Casino Royal (…although Eva won’t be very happy experiencing again the early wake-ups 🙂 )
    (2) Because of the name she definitely deserves the role 🙂

  2. Mark Says:

    Yeah, George, there’s two good reasons for sure! 🙂 Eva would also make a nice visual contrast with Ryan Reynolds than the other blonde actresses in competition for the role. But there doesn’t seem to be much depth in the description of the character she’d play, Carol Ferris: “She works for her dad’s company Ferris Air, has an MBA, and has a lifetime crush on Hal Jordan.” Hopefully the script is good. If the role is not substantive, it would seem she’d likely pass on it.

  3. spot Says:

    NO. Just No.

    thanks Mark and Miss M 🙂

  4. valter scott Says:

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