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Thanks to kev and Eden! 😀

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  1. George Says:

    Thank you kev and Eden (…and Miss M). Where did you find these CR behind the scenes photos? They are superb with the poses of Eva I like the most: playing mood with a big smile 🙂

  2. Paolo Says:

    Great photos those of Casino Royale!
    Thank you!

  3. edenLiao Says:

    I found the pics form here!


    this is the website of Jay Maidment,
    the still photographer of CR

  4. edenLiao Says:

    oh, click “editiorial” (in ‘portfolios’)
    then you can see the pics!

  5. A. Says:

    Thank you Eden 😉

    They’re Greg Williams shots, even if they’re not include in his photography book of Casino Royale behind the scenes “reportage”. I’ll try to scans some that remain unknown here if you want (?)

    And you can find some others of Eva’s on his website.
    http://www.gregfoto.com/portfolio/index.php?album_id=29 and here http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/8677/01wwx84x.jpg

    Thank you so much for the scans ! (Nice to read her in french as always)

  6. Marie Says:

    All this pictures are beautiful.
    There are two french interviews (videos) of Eva dating 2001 for jalousie en 3 fax here:


  7. George Says:

    edenLiao and A. : Many thanks for the fruitful links!
    Marie: Thanks a lot, amazing video!!! I already saved the link for the historical first interview of Eva 🙂 .
    See Marlene how proud she seems for her daughter when they are side by side. And Eva looks really like a child. Thanks again Marie (…how did you discover it?)

  8. carol82 Says:

    That girl, I love the naturalness of gestures, thanks for the LINKS

  9. kev Says:

    Great pics! I like the one where Eva poses with Daniel Craig! A perfect duo!!

    The videos are funny. Eva was very young, very natural , less distant than today I think.

    I saw yesterday Cracks : excellent movie, Miss G. is totally terrifying, Eva is excellent. it’s a pity that the movie is presented in so few cinemas in Paris! The showing was yet full!

  10. A. Says:

    Oops sorry, thanks for the correction edenLiao (but I think, Greg Williams is still the official photographer of the bond franchise)

  11. George Says:

    Off topic: Eva seems to escape the early morning wakings of Martin Cambell for the role in “Green lantern”
    Is it a sigh of relief that I heard from most of you?

  12. Nikos Says:

    Well it is very nice to see that Eva Green has so many loyal fans and naturally me being one of them. Many great comments about her and how she is. This is a very talented young Lady who is in a class of her own, sorry I call it as I see it. It is not about the “Hollywood” Life when it comes to her Acting it is the compassion & desire she shows us all on screen that she loves, acting!! I see someone who only comes along every blue Moon and she is by far a Blue Moon. So many things all in One and I have stated this prior, Class, Talent, Professionalism and Naturally striking Beauty and that my dear friends is very rare in Hollywood for the most part. Much Success to her and may she continue to pick her own parts as I’m sure she could use a rest for now!!
    Bless you Eva!!

  13. George Says:

    Niko, after this declaration you are announced the most poetic Eva fan in US. 🙂

  14. Tango_down Says:

    kev : I share exactly the same feeling about the young Eva, especially on the fact that she was less distant.

    Sinon tu es allé le voir dans quel cinéma Cracks ? Le film est bien en VOST ?
    J’ai relevé que 4 salles sur Paris et les deux qui me tentent sont Les Montparnos dans le 14ème et Publicis Cinema dans le 8ème.

    Nikos : First time I hear Eva as a Blue Moon but I really love your poetic imagination. So let me hold the candle for Eva and you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4218R-gBmts

  15. Nikos Says:

    All I can say is Thank you George and Tango down that was very funny!! 🙂
    I can not help it Must be The Spartan in me wherein I just say what I feel……Ha!
    Any way thanks for the song but it’s not my kind of tune.
    Hope you are all having a 1st Run of blessings in 2010.
    Still can not find any Eva movies in the U.S.
    something is not right here???
    Respectfully Always,

  16. George Says:

    Tango_down: Certainly Ella elle l’a !
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQkB-WWzsbg 🙂
    Niko: Kingdom of Heaven, Casino Royal and Golden Compass should be in the video clubs. For Dreamers (censored version) and Franklyn probably you have to ask for them.

  17. Tango_down Says:

    George : You mean “Eva elle va !” 😉
    For my part, I think there’s no better song about Eva than this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0&feature=related

  18. A. Says:

    I’ve just came back to see Cracks. How stunning. I mean, I knew I would obviously like it, even if it was just a little, because of Eva, but the movie literally blew my mind. Of course, it isn’t perfect, Jordan Scott is still experimenting her own cinema and it showns (too much esthetization sometimes, weird plans on blossoming flowers, slow motion…) but it remains a very, very good start for the daughter of sir Ridley. Even if I understand why most of critics (at least in France) didn’t like it, I don’t get why they’ve been so hateful about Cracks. The atmosphere is quite gloomy, weird, heavy but I think it’s quite inherent to the setting, the way of life in this very partitioned boarding school, the suffocation that can be feeled in such place. The movie reveals some beautiful and very inspired moment, where light illuminates the faces and smiles, while Miss G moves slowly between her amazed students, laughing whith grace. The whole movie is kind of an ufo, as it seems unclassifiable, but it appears to me that it has more of the Magdalene Sisters kind of vibes than a Virgin Suicide’s ones. And it’s not necesseraly a bad thing, in the contrary ! It’s just that it’s not for everybody, and those who think of 50th and boarding schools with repulsion will surely not really be attracted to it, or even like it. But it worths a try.
    As for the acting, while Juno Temple and Maria Valverde acts with talent, Eva Green shines with intensity. She provides the character a total and meaningful interpretation which – and it’s not nothing for me to say because of the souvenir of Isabelle – is by far my favorite of her. Her intensity is always right, her eyes are intoxicating with emotions of full sorts, and she portrays the complexity of this woman with such genius that it’s a shame she didn’t have the critic recognition she deserves. She owns Miss Gribben completely and always – and I mean ALWAYS – find the right chord to interpret, the right measure. I have to say that even if I knew the wonderful actress she is, I was simply amazed by her in this movie. Beautiful, insane, terrifying, Miss G is an intense character, and as she cracks and falls down to the ground, her psychological and emotional torments become more and more deeply overwhelming, desperate. The tragic truth of this woman is never completely revealed, and that’s the most beautiful part of this movie. As for Eva Green, she just prooved once again that she really is worthy of the best directors, screenplays and fans.

    *please, pardon my mistakes, I’m not quite at ease when I have to speak english in such a full amount of lines, so, be indulgent :)*

    Et Tango_Down, j’espère que tu auras l’occasion de libérer un petit moment de ton temps libre pour aller voir ce film, ne serait-ce que pour Eva. I’m sure we’re all very looking for your impressions about it 😉

  19. A. Says:

    And the new Film Set section of the Brigitte Lacombe portfolio reveals two new stills of Cracks (I think they’re more behind the scenes ones but…) And I’m sorry to overwhelm you with pictures from photographer’s links, don’t worry I’m not a sociopath who’s looking for any new picture of Eva (even if it doesn’t seem that crazy actually :p) but I just like to navigate through online portfolios, are they’re often inspirational places, and sometimes I come across some Eva pictures.

    Also, the site of Sylvie Lancrenon shows some in the Editorial section, if you want to check 😉 http://www.sylvielancrenon.com/

  20. George Says:

    A. : Amazing overview! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about the film in such a beautiful way. You describe Eva’s performance just as I imagine it and you increase my hunger to see Cracks.

    …and your English are just perfect (… at least for me)

    …ant thanks for the portfolio-data mining 🙂

    Tango_down: 🙂 you have put a good challenge: suggesting the song that best fits Eva. I start thinking of it 🙂

  21. Nikos Says:

    Ok I had to Jump on the Wagon here for picking a Eva song as well.
    Respectfully noted of course!!


  22. George Says:

    Good choice Niko!!! Well, the challenge is not easy, “this is why I want to take the time to respond properly to the questions”. I think that the weekend is appropriate for brainstorming… 🙂

  23. Nikos Says:

    Thank You George LOL…….
    I will await your choice once you have brain stormed over the weekend 🙂
    Best Regards,

  24. Anty Says:

    ejj Eva Don’t appear already on screens old bag fucking.

  25. Tango_down Says:

    Not sure it describes Eva completely or not, but it certainly reminds us her as Sibylla, to make a great tribute to the character :


    And God bless Klezmer music

  26. George Says:

    After a lot of thinking I decided that only one song is not enough for Eva, so I choose two 🙂


    and the second one is really unforgettable maybe you know why 🙂


  27. George Says:

    Tango_down: with your choice, you make me feel so brute 🙂

  28. Nikos Says:

    Very Good Choices Gentlemen,
    Now I was thinking if I had to sing her a song One of them would be this one 🙂



  29. kev Says:

    Tango_down : Désolé de ne pas t’avoir répondu, pd d’ordi!! Alors moi je l’ai vu au MK2 beaubourg en vost. Mais je crois qu’il n’y avait qu’une seule salle à Paris qui le jouait en VF, laquelle je ne sais plus! Je réponds une semaine après mais je suppose que tu as du déjà voir le film… ou pas!

  30. Tango_down Says:

    kev : Merci pour l’info. Malheureusement je n’ai pas trouvé de moment pour aller le voir les deux premières semaines et du coup il n’est projeté désormais que dans une salle à Paris, L’Arlequin Rue de Rennes, avec une seule séance le week-end. Dernière chance dimanche prochain, at last but not least !

  31. Nikos Says:

    In another Life I was a Spartan King however in this Life I have become humble respectfully where as now I could sing back then I could not. I say this because this is another song I would sing……..
    (Ok no wise cracks promise this is the last one)…Maybe Lol….


  32. Tango_down Says:

    As you said, maybe…