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19 Responses to “Eva Green in Mexico”
  1. witold ciejka Says:

    hi.this is MI fan.i m from Poland.i love romantic 007.there is very stretch undermind in Bond.just love.makes a lot to imagination.with very interest following to the last projects.nazi is disturbing my ego.anyway its just a showbiznes.w.

  2. George Says:

    It seems that Eva had some good time away from Europe’s freezing weather. She surely deserved it.

    PS Who is Kate?

  3. EGW webmistress Says:

    The photographer?

  4. Tony Says:

    the photos are wonderful, but it also seems some publicity.

  5. George Says:

    Miss M: You are probably right. Katie Philips is the photographer. It’s the first time I read a text from Eva (it’s probably hers). She writes very well with a smooth narrative style and a good sense of humor. Lol at the misheard “depressed tresses”-“actresses” and the self-sarcastic comment. It shows that Eva is back in good mood. The trip was indeed revitalizing… 🙂
    Tony: the whole trip was probably organized as a promotional event for the specific tourist resort. It’s common practice.

  6. EvaAnne Says:

    Cool! She writes well.

  7. kev Says:

    An idea of destination for my next coming holidays… the villa seeems very nice!! The price please?

  8. A. Says:

    As Tony suggested it, it’s weird to see her doing such publicity for an hotel… I didn’t think she would do such a thing (even if it’s not “that” shocking) Nevertheless, I’m glad to read that she’s fine and happy, and a lector of Sweig. Besides, the second picture is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen of her lately.

  9. A. Says:

    Anyway, whoever Kate Philips is, she uses photoshop… :p Did anyone notice it on that particular second pic ?

  10. tony Says:

    Eva long independent film, and that does not shed much economy actors, so this so publidad eva, I read in an article.

    PD The first photo beautiful eyes eva

  11. Nikos Says:

    Great Article and very funny as Eva wrote a great story line of her vacation which she deserves and has earned after such a work filled 2009. I was smiling and laughing as I read what she wrote respectfully because I actually could see her talking about it as I read it. Yes she does write very beautifully does she not 🙂

  12. George Says:

    kev: start gathering money 🙂
    A.: I made an investigation but I admit I am not an expert in photoshop. Was it some forgotten shadow or what ?

  13. A. Says:

    G : At the left corner of the second picture : the palm tree leef and the little piece of cloud;)
    G & N : I agree for her writing, I’m not surprised, but pleasantly pleased.

    Yes Kev, good luck for the economies… 😉

  14. George Says:

    A.: Did you enlarge the photo? I still can’t see the photoshop intervention in the current size. You must be very experienced to discriminate!
    “…pleasantly pleased” 🙂 Start writing yourself, I see a hidden talent…

  15. spot Says:

    somehow, i find it weird that she’s doing these kinds of publicity. hahaha.

    good job on the article Eva! *thumbs up*

    thanks Mariana 🙂

  16. A. Says:

    George : 😀 ah ah… ! It’s a nice (and funny) thing to say, but I don’t think so, at least not in english. But I do write in my mothertongue 😉
    As for the picture I did not enlarge it : maybe I practiced photoshop too much ! Now I’m a freaky radar for such things ! Try more, you’ll see that the palm leef has been duplicated, and the really little cloud at the left is cut in the middle. :p

    Is “pleasantly pleased” even correct ? 😀

  17. George Says:

    A.: Yes I now found it out. It’s like duplicating the upper left part of the picture. Thanks for the lesson 🙂
    I also don’t know if “pleasantly pleased” is correct but it’s for sure poetically beautiful 🙂

  18. alejandro Says:

    I think. she is so hot it hurts .im from argentina and she was in mexico OMG she0s getting closer to my country can’t wait to met her

  19. Macrosystis Says:

    que baboso que sos ale!! jajaja (lero)