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New month, new calendar wallpaper! A big thank you to my good friend Mata, as usual! We used gorgeous unseen before outtakes from Tatler. The photos are gorgeous!!! But, as you know, we don’t post photoshoots here.

I’ve also been pretty busy with offline life, so I haven’t been around much. And I don’t know until when things will be like that. But fear not, there’s not much going in EvaGreenLand at the moment so you’re not missing anything. Thank you all for keep on being such great visitors and Eva fans!

8 Responses to “March Calendar Wallpaper”
  1. Paolo Says:

    Mariana you make us get mad with these unseen photos.There’s a way to see them?

  2. carol82 Says:

    Thanks, beautiful pictures of eva, had not seen before.

  3. George Says:

    Thanks gorgeous Mata.
    Miss M, it seems that offline life is also busy with you. Keep on Miss M 🙂

  4. spot Says:

    wonderful calendar from a beatutiful photoshoot!
    thanks mata! 🙂

    Mariana: i’ve been awfully busy for the past few months too 🙁 hope all’s well with you :p i wish we’ll get some Eva news/update in the coming days 🙂

  5. Lola Says:

    Was it the recent Tatler those gorgeous pics came from?? Thanks again, Mata xx 😀 😉

  6. Nikos Says:

    Very Nice Pictures! 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend my friends!!
    Best Regards,


  7. kev Says:

    Where did you find those pictures? I love this photoshoot!

  8. kev Says:

    Where did you find those pictures? I love this photoshoot!!!