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13 Responses to “Montblanc Charity Cocktail”
  1. George Says:

    thanks^2 Miss M

  2. carol82 Says:

    Thanks miss M .
    Eva this magnificent,I like the color of her dress.
    The man with Eva recently is the actor Clemens Schick
    Is your boyfriend? last seen together at events montblanc

  3. carol82 Says:

    I put the link where it says the account of Eve and Clemens Schick


  4. Tango_down Says:

    I don’t know if EGW has its own server(s), and if there was a change recently for new one(s), but it’s great to see how quick and reactive is the gallery.

    I know Nikos will say it’s the minimum to be able to contemplate our Miss Green.

    Boyfriend or not you see how romantic is that guy, Clemens Schick, only meeting Eva on the highest european’s peak, waiting the moment when they look at the landscape to say : “For you Eva, I could move mountains”.
    That’s the way to go guys to seduce Eva 😉

    Clemens Schick, what a winner…

  5. George Says:

    Tango_down: I will remind you that this guy tried to kill our beloved Vesper in Casino Royal. He was the bald bodyguard of LeChiffre. Eva be careful!!!

  6. lois Says:

    It is not the first time that Eva go to an event of Montblanc with Clemens Schick in 2008 went hand in hand, the same year was engaged to Eva Marton Csokas.

    I personally liked more Marton Csokas.

  7. Nikos Says:

    Hello My Dear Friends –

    Yes Eva looks Great …..She is now in California I guess maybe as well for the Movie with Mickey Rourke Mona Lisa??

    That Guy seems like a nice Chap with Eva –
    HoweverI think she would look better with me…….

    Tango – I would add a few things if I had the chance to tell Eva like – No Mountain to High, No Ocean to Deep…..LOL….

    Best Regards,

  8. carol82 Says:

    Eva video in montblanc

  9. carol82 Says:


  10. lois Says:

    iis not here, but I found this article very curious about the tastes of our beloved eva


  11. kurschat123 Says:

    Maybe it`s just gossip but many people believe that Clemens Schick is gay. Because of some photos of him taken by Nan Goldin. Just search google (Nan Goldin + Clemens)and you will know why….

  12. mango green Says:

    has anybody noticed Eva has suddenly stopped wearing boots?

  13. George Says:

    mango green: Yes, you are right!
    Maybe it’s a term in her Montblanc contract 🙂