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Big thanks to Lorna! 😀

23 Responses to “Independent Travel and Times Playlist Scans”
  1. Nikos Says:

    Great Articles I enjoyed reading about Eva thank you Lorna from me as well 😉
    This Actress is One of a Kind…Very Very Special!!

  2. George Says:

    Thanks Lorna. A lot of travel issues from Eva lately…

  3. Kasia Says:

    Thanks for the scans, wish I could go to Dublin too, just like that * ;/:]

    And btw…..I….am…..DYING to see new layout here…..))

  4. Johnny Says:

    Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since my last post, but I always come here to keep myself updated!

    I don’t know if you already saw this, as it appears rather old, but I’m posting it anyway:


    It’s some kind of a “preview” poster for Mona Lisa. Larry Clark is filming another movie, so I don’t know if Mona Lisa is really going forward anytime soon. Honestly I think that’s a good thing… I mean Mona Lisa sounds really interesting but I have little faith in the director :s

    I’m just really curious to see what Eva’s next movie will be! She filmed two movies last year, I hope she keeps up the pace 😉

  5. Johnny Says:

    Oh I almost forgot! Thanks Lorna for the scans and Miss M to keep us updated as usual 😉

  6. George Says:

    Johnny: Thanks for the update, I haven’t noticed. I am not a fan of Larry Clark either, but I am really curious of the result from the mixture Eva-Mickey-Larry…

  7. carol82 Says:

    I just read this interview of our dear eva.Parece that questions whether or not to continue the film world.
    Lately interviews very sad eva stop questioning his long film career, or is my impression.

  8. George Says:

    Happy Easter everybody ! Good chance for a brief holiday Mariana!

  9. George Says:

    …and a new interview in guardian


  10. Astrea Says:

    Hi everyone!

    In the IMDB i see a new eva´s project with Megan Fox! (Pre-production ^^U)


    anyone has any information or news?

  11. Nikos Says:

    Well I wanted to Jump on and see how our Leading Lady Eva was and anything new. Hopefully she can Relax and take a rest.

    With that said for all of You who view Easter I wish you & yours A Happy Easter.
    And for those who don’t have a Blessed weekend as well my friends.

    Strength & Honor

  12. George Says:

    Thanks for the info Astrea. According to imdbpro the start date of the project is August 13th 2010 (and it’s Friday…) and filming locations are French Quarter in New Orleans, Hyde Park London and L.A. Probably it was settled during Eva’s last visit in the States. I am curious…

  13. Roma Says:

    Hello! All it is interesting to me and what now occurs in a life at Eve Green?

  14. Astrea Says:

    Thanks George!

    I am curious too… :p

    I cross my fingers to she have a good project and an interesting role ^^

  15. Johnny Says:

    Thanks Astrea and George. I’m more excited about this rumor though:


    This movie has been in development for a long time, but it seems to be Michael Mann’s next project and an interesting role for Eva.

    In my opinion that project in imdb doesn’t look real, I mean it came out of nowhere and there’s no information about it on any other site.

  16. George Says:

    I agree with Johnny. The role in Michael Mann’s film is more tailored to Eva’s attitude…

  17. Astrea Says:

    Wow Johnny! Thanks for the info, is very interesting project ^^. I´m spanish and the foreigner vision about the spanish civil war fills me with curiosity

    About the The Leaving, it´s very rare (but its un pre production, it can be change completely) and i find some information:

    the director´s blog:


    and a article about him:


    I think that the time will tell us something about this project :p

  18. Еvgen Says:

    Save Eva! Who me has already forgotten greetings to all! I wrote to you somehow about the idea about scenarios once I have received the answer, and then when I have sent you the scenario over me began to laugh on this site. Well and so, congratulate me I already married and I live simply remarkably! About Eva Green I can only to participate!!! I have come on a site johnny. And I in horror, Eva have grown old too, in my opinion she drinks as we Russian! Eva do not drink it badly! I though also Russian do not get drunk at all to death! Fans at me new idea the Bond which leaves, it becomes same failure as well as mercy quantum! People read at last my scenario which I to you has sent more floor of year back! There there is also a role for Eva! It will be cool! Actions there are in England, Ireland and Italy where the Bond is resisted by Terrorists connected with the Irish opposition! And this business is untangled by sister – Twin Vesper… Well as to you?

  19. George Says:

    Thanks Astrea. Now I think that the actresses that are in the imdb’s list for The leaving are probably a joke, maybe for promotion reasons. This means more chances for Mann’s project to be Eva-full…

  20. Jess Says:

    I know EGW and my Nicole Kidman site share the same birthday Mariana, so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to your incredible site!!

  21. Astrea Says:

    Hi!!!!! ^^

    News about Last Word:



  22. George Says:

    Thanks Astrea, I am following…

  23. Nikos Says:

    Rumor in New York states Eva Green will be attending The Tribeca Film Festival. That would be Great Since I will be there and was wondering if anyone else had heard this news?