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41 Responses to “Montblanc White Nights Festival 2010”
  1. Lola Says:

    Wow – pic bonanza!! Thank you xx 😉

  2. Lola Says:

    Where is this event held – I’m assuming Europe??

  3. George Says:

    Lola: St. Petersburgh Russia.

  4. carol82 Says:

    Thanks for photos, as always Eva bellisima, the print dress Eva makes beautiful.

  5. Lola Says:

    Thanks George…she looks gorgeous in all pics, as ever, but esp. in the ‘splash print’ strapless dress – perfect colours for her! 🙂

  6. marion Says:

    So many photos — what a treat after a long day of work lol! Eva is so beautiful. Her clothing choices never disappoint either….. Thank you for uploading them!

  7. Nikos Says:

    Beautiful All around She Is Eva Green….
    I really have to ask her to Marry Me..!!

    Sas Agapo

  8. EvaAnne Says:

    Lola: I agree!

    Slightly OT, I saw on imdb that “The Last Word” is now titled “Perfect Sense”. Anyone know if this is really true?

  9. Jobbiy Says:

    Eva is so beatuiful,every one fits her well

  10. George Says:

    EvaAnne: I just noticed it, you are right. However, no further details are found in imdbpro.

  11. Chini Says:

    She really had fun, does she like photography¿?

  12. George Says:

    Guess what is new in Eva’s page in imdb…

  13. spot Says:

    George: her profile pic?

  14. Chini Says:

    Eva is in msn Spain and it is said is one of the women’s which marks trend.


    The translation of the article:

    The actress went to the reception of the Montblanc Ambassador in Russia, wearing a dress from Alexander McQueen white and red, with vibrant tonalities to complement the sensuality of her shoulders.

  15. Lola Says:

    Fantastique! 😀 They have a great selection of pics of her…a few more wouldn’t hurt, imho!

  16. George Says:

    Right spot! It was about time after 7 years… However, there are far better pictures of Eva. Imdb administrators should visit evagreenweb’s gallery as all of these pictures have been presented there, thanks to Miss M…

  17. Nausicaa Says:

    Camelot has an imdb page, finally. The only actress listed so far is Claire Forlani, who apparently will play Queen Igraine, Arthur’s mother. That’s nuts, right? But actually Forlani is 16 years older than the actor playing Arthur, which isn’t a huge stretch in a historical fantasy series.

    As for why Eva or the others aren’t listed yet, who knows? imdb works in mysterious ways.

    Also, according to this article, Peter Mooney, who I am not familiar with, will play Sir Kay.


  18. George Says:

    Welcome to 30 Eva, the best age for women.
    I wish you happy birthday. Enjoy them with the people that you love and they love you 🙂

  19. spot Says:

    i want to be the first here (well probably next to Mariana 😆 ) but Happy Birthday Eva!!!!

  20. Leo Says:

    Happy birthday to Eva!

  21. Ea Says:

    Come on! Has everybody forgot her b-day? She’s turning 30… TODAY!

    Anyway Happy Birthday to this goddess…

  22. Johnny Says:

    Happy birthday Eva!!! And Joy!

  23. carol82 Says:

    Happy birthday Eva and Joy

  24. Nikos Says:

    To a Great Actress and Beautiful Lady I have really enjoyed watching over the years……
    Special Happy BirthDay to you Eva !!!
    Much Love Always,

  25. George Says:

    Johnny you are right. Happy birthday to Joy too…

  26. Chini Says:

    Happy birthday Eva!!!

  27. EvaAnne Says:


    Now we know her birthday is actually on the 6th, I can finally congratulate her on the proper day!


  28. Lola Says:

    Yes! Happy Belated honey 😉 😀

  29. George Says:

    EvaAnne: On 6th? How so? Anyway, if this is the case she is one day younger than I thought 🙂

  30. spot Says:

    damn. i forgot Joy. sorry and belated Happy Birthday Joy! 🙂

    EvaAnne: i think Mariana would have corrected us/EGW already if it’s actually the 6th?

    George: imdb should ask us here what profile pic they should use for Eva. i’m sure we have plenty of input about it :p 😆

  31. Astrea Says:

    Atención! Fans españoles!

    Franklyn por fin se estrenará, en las salas de cine de España, el 23 de Julio 2010!

    (Franklyn, finally will have the premiere in spanish cinemas ^^)

  32. Marie Says:

    There are a new video about Eva, a new photoshoot and Camelot =)


  33. George Says:

    Very nice discovery Marie!!! Unfortunately it was dubbed so we need a Russian Tango_down for the translation of the main parts 🙂
    Anyway, Eva looks great in the photoshoots

    PS I love the way Eva’s name is pronounced in Russian: Yeva Griiiiin

  34. carol82 Says:

    Thanks marie for the interview link.
    Seems like a good interview but very little is understood, someone would be so kind as to translate.

  35. EvaAnne Says:

    George and spot: Mariana mentioned it a while ago, I think. It’s also mentioned in two early interviews;

    2001: http://evagreenweb.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=670&pos=1 (here Eva says so herself).

    1980: http://evagreenweb.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=409&pos=2 (baby Eva and Joy mentioned in an interview with Marlene)

    So I guess the press just got it wrong at first. And then the information gets repeated wrongly.
    (But of course I cannot be sure either, I don’t know Eva personally….)

  36. EvaAnne Says:

    Thanks you Marie, great video! I want the photos of that photoshoot!!!

    ps: Anyone know how things are with Camelot? Is it filming already? (and can we expects the frist pics soon?)

  37. Nausicaa Says:


    According to this article:

    Filming for “Camelot” began Monday, June 28th, and will continue for 22 weeks.

    Assuming this is true, then most of the cast and crew have already been assembled, though I’m not sure why we haven’t heard casting announcements beyond the six listed in the linked article.

  38. Lola Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the heads-up EvaAnne, can’t to see this – I hope it will be on tv this year! 😀

  39. Nikos Says:

    Folks thanks for the “GREAT” Updates regarding the Photo’s & Links!!!

    Eva Looks Great!

    Best Regards,

  40. spot Says:

    Astrea: Lucky Spaniards 🙂

    EvaAnne: okay somebody please smack me as i seem to have not been paying attention to details! 😆

    Lola: thanks for the link! 🙂

    Marie: thank you for the video! will now go search for the photos… :p

  41. George Says:

    Thanks EvaAnne and Nausicaa,
    Camelot page just opened in imdb. It appears also in Eva’s profile (TV series)