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Taking a very well deserved break.

21 Responses to “On Vacation”
  1. Lola Says:

    Enjoy your break 😉

    Eva Green Red Carpet Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kATZOgxzPsk&feature=related

  2. Nikos Says:

    Kick back Eva & Enjoy Your time –
    You have earned it with all the Great Things you have done! …And have Fun!!!

    Sas Agapo,

  3. George Says:

    Very well said Mariana: Enjoy your “…very well deserved break” 🙂
    Lola: thnx for the link
    Enjoy your vacations everybody (…preferably without notebooks and internet:) ).

  4. spot Says:

    enjoy your very much deserved break Miss M! 😀

    Lola: interesting link! thanks! 🙂

  5. edenLiao Says:

    enjoy the vacation!!

    and the video is about Eva’s magazine shoot in Russia,
    she mectioned about her next project “Camelot”, but they were dubbed into Russian… cannot understand wat she was talking…

  6. Astrea Says:

    Enjoy the relax time!! ^^

    Guys! a question! Eva has twitter 😕


  7. Astrea Says:

    Womb premiere in Locarno Festival!!!!!


  8. Nikos Says:

    What a Kiss by Eva : )
    Wish I was respectfully on the other end of that Kiss … Lol……..

    Just wanted to share this Quick Eva Link
    with my friends here…


    All the Best,

  9. George Says:

    Thanks Astrea !!! We will keep our eyes open from 4 to 14 August

  10. joyce Says:

    Enjoy your break.
    But how about Eva’s new TV play”Camelot”?

  11. spot Says:

    thanks for the link Astrea! 🙂

    enjoy your vacations everyone!

  12. George Says:

    Very fresh! Eva as Maria Callas !
    Wow !!! She will play in her favorite terrain, the role of a classy woman. Anxiously waiting for the definite confirmation…

  13. Astrea Says:

    George me too ^^

    Project´s rumors….

    A Maria Callas biopic


    A “secret project”…


    pd: Have a good summer!!

  14. George Says:

    Thanks Astrea.
    Have a good summer everybody (which seems very hot at least for Europe…)

  15. Astrea Says:

    Hi everybody! ^^

    Eva is filming Camelot. It´s an article with a little pic of backstage


  16. carol82 Says:

    First pictures of Eva on the set of Camelot.

    happy holidays

  17. carol82 Says:

    Eva green in San Petersburgo


  18. George Says:

    Thanks Astrea and carol82.

  19. Nikos Says:

    Carol82, Astrea & George

    Great Eva Links thanks for sharing my friends!
    Hope everyone is enjoying the “HOT” Weather
    It is on Fire in New York…!!!!

    Best Regards,

  20. spot Says:

    i think it would be interesting to see Eva play Maria Callas….

  21. spot Says:

    btw, thanks for the links guys 🙂