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It proved an enchanting evening for soprano Celine Byrne as she strolled on to the stage with one of the world’s most famous tenors.

The Naas-born singer shared the bill with Catalan tenor Jose Carreras as the 17th century gardens of Kilruddery House in Bray, Co Wicklow, played host to a rapt audience of more than 5,000 people.


BAFTA-winning French actress Eva Green, currently filming Camelot in Wicklow and who starred in Bond film Casino Royale, turned a few heads as she was escorted to her seat. As dusk fell on the Sugarloaf the first strings of the orchestra began to swell.


3 Responses to “Sparkling singing on a night to remember”
  1. EvaAnne Says:

    Are there any pictures of this? I would love to see Eva’s head turning appearance! 😉

  2. George Says:

    EvaAnne: I am afraid not, otherwise they would accompany the article. (I also made a brief search in the internet). Unless Mariana has an extra secret photo provider under her service 🙂

  3. spot Says:

    EvaAnne: i would love to see Eva too! 😀