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Thanks to everyone who posted about it in the previous comments. 🙂

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    1. Tara Says:

      here is another version of the still.

    2. Lola Says:

      You know you can access the photo gallery if you have an account?


      It’s free from what I can tell 😉

    3. George Says:

      A gift for our UK friends

    4. Nausicaa Says:

      I’m kind of in love with Eva in this picture. I hope Morgan is as intense as she seems to be in this picture. Eva’s played so many externally sensual/sexual, but internally fragile women (Isabelle, Vesper, Miss G, Rebbecca), and while I don’t mind those types of roles, it would be really nice to watch her sink her teeth into a role that’s a little more, um, bad ass.

    5. George Says:

      Nausicaa: you are in my mind 🙂

    6. Tara Says:

      sorry here is the link to the full pic!
      she looks so gorgeous. 🙂


    7. George Says:

      Eva Lee is fantastic! I want now to see Christopher Green 🙂

    8. Mariana Says:

      George: I’ve been (re)visiting a few Christopher titles from his Hammer days in my free time. What a coincidence! 😛