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They’re not exactly brand new, but we’ll take everything that’s Eva related, right? 😉 Thanks to Tara and Nancy. 🙂

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    1. George Says:

      Wow! Check the second photo (with the legend).

      Eva Lee is amazing! I want now to see Christopher Green 🙂

      PS I couldn’t resist repeating the joke…

    2. nikos Says:

      CANNES — Channel 4 of the U.K. has picked up U.K. premier rights to Octagon/Take 5’s Arthurian romantic drama “Camelot” which was produced by Ecosse Films Douglas Rae and Graham King and stars Joseph Fiennes, Eva Green and Jamie Campbell Bower.

      “Camelot” comes from a team of creatives who have worked on such titles like “Life on Mars,” “The Departed” and “The Tudors,” and is based on Sir Thomas Mallory’s definitive 15th century novel “Le Morte d’Arthur.

      It will go on air in the fall of 2011.

      The deal was brokered for Channel 4 by acting Head of Acquisitions, Penny Harris and GK-tv president Craig Cegielski.

      The Irish/Canadian/British funded 10-part series is currently in production in Ireland, with post-production to be completed in Canada.

      It will air in the U.S. on Starz, which has all U.S. rights including home entertainment and digital distribution, and has already been sold to broadcasters in the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Russia and Asia by distributor GK-tv.

    3. spot Says:

      i don’t have Starz here in my country 🙁

      thanks for the updates! 🙂

    4. George Says:

      The premiere of Womb in BFI London Film Festival on October 19th at 21:00 is fully booked 🙁
      However, there are tickets for Wednesday 20th at 15:30

    5. ammar Says:

      new role for eva….


    6. EvaAnne Says:

      ammar: Thank you for the link! I don’t know if this is confirmed yet, but it would be nice to see Eva in a French film again.

    7. George Says:

      Thanks ammar. As EvaAnne said it will be very interesting if eventually confirmed. Restless Eva…

    8. Lola Says:

      If true – EXCITING!!!!! 😀

    9. George Says:

      Eva as Marie-Antoinette !

    10. Sarah Says:

      Please, tell me if i’m wrong, but her name in the second picture is wirte Eva Lee.. Or is this not her?

    11. George Says:

      Sarah: Of course it’s Eva. However, it’s not a complete failure. At least they get right the double “e”… 🙂

    12. Isabelle Says:

      @Sarah: It is clearly Eva Green… It´s just a typo made by Starz! I had to laugh out loud when I first saw it!