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Thanks to Tara, Astrea and Sarika for the heads-up. 🙂

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    1. Astrea Says:

      Thanks for posting Mariana ^^

      Eva looks amazing!!!

    2. Lola Says:

      What’s with the new photo gallery system?

    3. George Says:

      Thank you Tara,Astrea and Sarika. Especially in the first photo Eva looks amazing!

    4. Tara Says:

      Your Welcome! 🙂

    5. EvaAnne Says:

      Beautiful!!! <3

    6. sandrine Says:


      Je n’arrive pas à m’enregistrer dans la nouvelle galerie, à chaque fois il me dit que le code ne correspond pas, c normal? 🙁

    7. Sandrine Says:

      LA déesse de sa génération!

      Sinon très sympa la nouvelle version de la galerie. J’aime beaucoup. 🙂

    8. carol82 Says:

      thanks for the photos, eva is wonderful. and I have wanted to see the series.

    9. Nausicaa Says:

      These are gorgeous! I suppose Sinead Cusack’s in Morgan’s camp then? I can’t wait to see this.

    10. Nikos Says:

      To All my Friends who share the Thanksgiving Holiday I would like to take the Time and wish You and Yours a Very Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.

      And Naturally to Eva as well!

      Best Regards,

    11. Kasia Says:

      Thanks for great new pictures!
      Now all I want for Christmas is new layout here.. dying to see sth fresh

    12. ammar Says:

      can any1 tell when womb and perfect sense are coming out???

    13. George Says:

      ammar: I suppose that Womb will be released in the first quarter of 2011 (in UK, Germany, etc). Perfect sense should appear first in some festivals and then released to the theatres (probably in the second semester).

    14. Nausicaa Says:


      Finally! And there’s a nice picture of Eva in there too.

    15. George Says:

      Nausicaa: Thanks a lot!!! January 24th, save the date. Regarding the photo this is exactly the Eva look I like the most. Smiling, without much make-up.