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Yet another Camelot trailer has appeared online. Watch it right here. Screen captures are in the gallery. As usual, some scenes are new and some are old.

I’ve also updated the Camelot photo category these past few days with new stills, official wallpapers, and promotional shots.

Big thanks to Sarika for the screen captures! 😀 Please take the time to visit her fabulous fansite dedicated to Tamsin Egerton who plays Guinevere in Camelot! 😉

Camelot > Trailer #06

5 Responses to “New “Camelot” Trailer”
  1. EvaGreenWeb Says:

    New “Camelot” Trailer: http://evagreenweb.com/?p=936

  2. T_Egerton_Fan Says:

    RT @EvaGreenWeb: New “Camelot” Trailer: http://evagreenweb.com/?p=936

  3. OhSoPatrick Says:

    RT @EvaGreenWeb: New “Camelot” Trailer: http://evagreenweb.com/?p=936

  4. Rafael Says:

    is very good!

  5. spot Says:

    thanks for these Mariana and Sarika! 🙂