Stef   /   March 24, 2011   /   1 Comment

Here are a couple of new behind the scenes video from About Camelot. HD screencaps will be added soon as well.

One Response to “2 new “Camelot” behind the scenes videos”
  1. Kasia Says:

    Thanks for the videos!!

    Eva looks perfect in it, but what I hate about productions like that is the impecable hair and make up!! Again, Eva looks perfect in her own unique way, but the other loreal-blonde actress /Guinevere?/, yeah, def “younger and sexier (than other Camelot prod.) and freshhh”. It’s a pity they still think there’s only one way to achive it. It’s just boring. Makeup artists shoud know how to make them look more natural;/ But still, 2 reasons to watch it: besides Eva, the filming location.

    And a question: since there are now 2 of you: is there a chance we will get a new layout soon? So many new pictures, it’d be cool to see some of them in the welcoming banner.