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A role in “Casino Royale” a few years back helped elevate Eva Green in the eyes of Hollywood decision makers, but along with the attention came a lot of offers for the prettygirlfriend roles.

Green, however, turns them down.

“I do, but that’s probably why I don’t work much,” says Green, who stars in Starz’s new miniseries, “Camelot.”

“I don’t think I’d be very good, because I need to be passionate about something,” she adds. “I think small parts are even harder than big parts. I find it quite hard. I like strong women who have secrets and are a bit f-ed up.”

That certainly could describe Green’s role as Morgan in “Camelot,” launching Friday at 10 p.m on Starz. She’s a pagan, she’s evil, she’s lovable, and she uses her sexuality to get ahead.

“She’s such a cool, ballsy character to play, it’s not like playing the girlfriend in a movie, she’s like a warrior queen,” Green says.

It’s the first TV series for Green, who’s spent the rest of her career in movies. Indeed, she’s now working on an American accent so she can head to London to film Tim Burton’s take on “Dark Shadows.”

“Camelot” also stars Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur, Peter Mooney as Arthur’s brother Kay, Claire Forlani as their stepmother, and Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere.

The series revolves around the rise of young Arthur, raised as a commoner, and his battle for power with his half-sister Morgan. When the cast signed on, they had scripts for the first two episodes and a diagram of how the rest of the series would play out.

Green says she was drawn to the job by executive producer Chris Chibnall and because of the character change Morgan goes through in the piece. Playing a dark character helps, too, she says.

“It’s all the facets that she was going to have,” Green says. “You see the first episode, she’s kind of tough, damaged and people could describe her as evil. But I think you kind of understand little by little why she’s behaving that way.”

Going in, Green says she was familiar with Morgan’s mythology, but also took the time to read a couple of books and do research.

“I like extreme stuff, or intensity; it’s exciting,” Green says. “In real life, you can’t explore the dark side of yourself. It’s kind of fun.”

Keeping with Starz’s pattern, “Camelot” is punctuated with violence, sex and nudity. “There’s not a lot. I think less is more,” Green says of the nudity. “For Morgan, sexuality is very important. It’s kind of a weapon. There’s no taboo, she’s pagan; it’s normal, and it’s natural to her.

“You’ll see, it’s not ‘The Dreamers,'” she says, referring to an earlier sensual film of hers. “When I’m having sex with someone in the first episode [of ‘Camelot’], I’m wearing something, it’s not too much, and it’s not gratuitous. She’s using that guy. It’s not just that I’m showing my boobs.”


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    Eva is a brilliant actress. She shouldn’t have to justiy why she did what in the movie The Dreamers. The more people recognise her acting skills, the better.