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Eva Green shattered the bubbly, sex-crazed Bond Girl stereotype with her eloquent and seamless turn as Vesper Lynd in 2006’s explosive blockbuster “Casino Royale.”

But the French beauty has always been an indie darling at heart, first winning acclaim for taking us on a twisted romantic journey in Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers.” Now Green returns to her roots with “Cracks,” starring as the sophisticated yet shattered Ms. G, who battles her forbidden love for a female students while trying to tame a fierceful student body at a secluded 1930s British boarding school.

NextMovie caught up with Ms. Green to talk “Cracks,” Johnny Depp, and her burning desire to kick some ass.

What drew you to “Cracks”?
It was such a unique script — the tension in it and the kind of old-fashioned feeling, we don’t make movies like this anymore. And the character is so complex and strong and seems full of confidence, seems perfect. But underneath she’s a very vulnerable character. Gift for an actor, so many things to play.

You’ve played a few sophisticated women that turn out to out to have a bit of a devilish side. Is that a character type you pursue?
No, I really don’t see her as somebody bad. It’s interesting to think somebody is somebody and then reveals to be something else. It’s more interesting than somebody who is so clear… she is complicated and I think endearing, even though she does something really bad at the end. It’s just about obsessive love how far you go for it and its extreme.

The cast of “Cracks” is heavily female, which is still a rarity in movies, at least in American films. Was that a draw for you?
No I didn’t think about that but yeah maybe because it’s so different, kind of a dark fairy tale with all these girls. It’s very kind of spooky.

As a British period drama, do you think a film like “Cracks” can benefit from the success of “The King’s Speech,” which just won Best Picture?
I hope so, maybe because people in America are not very familiar with the boarding school atmosphere in the thirties… I’ve never been in a boarding school and I’m French so I’m not familiar with them. But I haven’t seen “The King’s Speech,” which is [whispers] awful.

There’s a passionate kiss scene between you and a younger female in the movie. Was that something that the two of you discussed in advance?
Yeah we did. In the book its very explicit scene, she kind of rapes her. In the movie [Director Jordan Scott] wanted it to be more enigmatic and it’s kind of sexier in a way to not show too much, and we don’t know what she really did to her. I know Maria [Valverde], the girl who plays Fiamma was worried about that scene, so we just rehearsed the moves before and we were not going to go all the way, it was just more in the eyes of Dye as she watches and what she sees. We’ll never know.

Vesper Lynd was ranked the fourth best Bond Girl of all time by Entertainment Weekly. Why do you think Vesper became so beloved?
Maybe because James Bond falls in love with her, the love of her life. And she is, I don’t know, a very human character. Not just sexy, so maybe people can identify with her.

You’ve worked with Daniel Craig on both “Casino Royale” and “The Golden Compass.” What would you say is something that most people don’t know about him?
Oh my gosh. I don’t know, he’s a gentleman; he’s a very sensitive man. I don’t know what they don’t know. He’s a very kind person.

“Golden Compass” didn’t necessarily fare as well as some people hoped it would. Were you disappointed with the film at all?
I don’t know, I don’t want to make any blunder [laughs], you know what I mean?

Could you see yourself doing a big comic book movie or superhero movie?
Oh god, I don’t know. I would like to be in an action movie, [like] Angelina Jolie. I would like to hit people, you know [laughs]… I’d love to kick ass in the next movie.

You have a big role coming up in Tim Burton’s vampire movie, “Dark Shadows,” alongside Johnny Depp. Have you met Depp yet?
No. But he’s an amazing actor and he will bring something I’m sure completely. I don’t know how he’s going to play him; I think he’ll surprise me. I don’t know the chemistry between the two, it’s love and hate, the dynamic is very interesting so I’m sure I will be very intimated and kind of in awe of him.


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  1. np001 Says:

    Nice interview. Thanks Stef/Mariana.

    Cracks is a beautiful movie, which I have watched few times. Best work from Eva so far, thats what I think!

  2. George Says:

    Nice interview of Eva. “One sex scene for Camelot is enough” she said. She didn’t clarify if it is per episode or per season 🙂