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Famed for her beauty since she was handpicked for “The Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci, actress Eva Green has a penchant for choosing complex roles and feisty characters. As Morgan in the new Starz epic “Camelot,” she embarks on a power struggle to wrestle power from her brother Arthur, locking horns with Joseph Fiennes’ Merlin and poisoning her father to boot.

Speaking in Cannes on the eve of MipTV, she tells The Hollywood Reporter about intensity, comedy and why she likes getting ugly.

The Hollywood Reporter: What is Morgan like?

Eva Green: I love her, she’s a very cool character for a woman. You don’t get many roles like her. She’s ballsy, she’s manipulative, she’s very brave, but also sort of damaged and vulnerable. Little by little you understand why she behaves like this. She’s an empowering, strong character. There aren’t that many strong female roles — that’s why the character was very appealing.

THR: How does making this miniseries compare to making films?

Green: It’s completely intense — so much quicker — the pace is completely crazy. I’m usually quite cerebral and like to think about something before I do it. Here I had to trust my instinct much more and I learned a lot — don’t think, do. But otherwise it’s the same job. You don’t really notice the difference, just the pace.

THR: It’s quite a sexy show. Does it come with the cable territory?

Green: I have just one sex scene. Morgan has one scene and then she renounces men and becomes a lesbian! No, really, she was in the convent and then at some point decides that she doesn’t trust men at all and she decides to surround herself only with women.

THR: Do you prefer dark roles or do you find yourself asking, why doesn’t anyone ever offer me comedy?

Green: In my next project, Dark Shadows [directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp], it’s sort of a dark comedy. Tim was like, “Do you actually have a sense of humor?” A lot of people don’t know that I’m really light on set. It’s true that people think, “Oh — she’s so cold.” They put you in boxes. But it is also true for me that dark roles are always so appealing. As a human being it’s nice to explore your dark side and let it all out on set and not at home. It’s better that way.

THR: Can you get typecast in beautiful roles?

Green: I’m not ugly and it helps, a lot. But when they say “the beautiful Eva Green” I wish there was more they could see. I like getting ugly. In episode four my character gets a disease and she starts sweating blood and she gets completely ill and it’s very fun to do that sort of thing. And in my next film I get very ugly and I’m looking forward to that a lot.

THR: How do you wind down when the role comes to an end?

Green: It’s very hard to get back to reality afterwards. You feel kind of down. It’s so intense, it’s electric, like a drug, and then it’s over and you go back to your flat and lie down. It’s very strange to have inhabited that character for so long. I’m no method actor like Daniel Day Lewis, but it’s always like this when you end a movie — it’s a little death.


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    Always nice to read/listen what she has to say.

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