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The lead actors of Camelot, the epic King Arthur series that launches at MIPTV’s World Premiere TV Screening April 4, talk to MIPBlog about their characters, and the making of this major production (10 episodes) from indie outfit GK-TV:

Thanks to About Camelot.

4 Responses to “Cast interview: Jamie Campbell Bower, Joseph Fiennes & Eva Green”
  1. np001 Says:

    Thanks Mariana for the interview and the pics.

  2. George Says:

    After I saw episode 2, I am convinced that Eva is the cornerstone of the show. She gives a performance seminar with so many colors in her acting. She is so comfortable in all the range, from the mean sorceress to the lovely sister. It doesn’t mean that the other actors are not good but you can’t take your eyes from her play. TV series is a new experience for Eva and I think she enjoys it as much as we do. 10 episodes full of Mrs Green is a gift.
    PS Don’t miss the last minute of episode 2 and don’t be afraid of the wolf. Eva is irresistible and brave enough…

  3. Antigonus Says:

    Thought she was very good (probably a little bit too strong for the rest of the pretty but rather mediocre cast, excluding James purefoy) but not convinced by the show. Jamie just isn’t interesting enough to carry the central role; he’s there for the teen audience; no one else could take him seriously. I’m not quite sure whyStarz made absurd claims about this being a ‘gritty’ ‘historically authentic’ drama (apart from the fact that there is no historical basis for the myth. Their idea of ‘post-roman Britain’ is totally unhistorical. The best that could be said is that it lookS like something out of Burne Jones or Ruskin

  4. Antigonus Says:

    Upon refreshing my memory with wikipedia scrap Ruskin (who wasn’t primarily a painter and put in Rosetti. Both he and Burne Jones did quite a few Arthurian themed artworks, which it appears the costume designers for Camelot had in mind. Unfortunately the visual feel of the show doesn’t come together. The plotting in the second episode was also all over the place and the dialogue is often bizarrely modern. Most of the reviews have singled out her for praise but have been critical of the show to varying degrees….