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Camelot > Episode 4

Thanks to my friend Annie.

5 Responses to “Screencaps from Episode 4”
  1. Isabell Says:

    Episode 4 is by far the best yet… It has sooo many amazing moments and of course Eva is totally exquisite in this episode! I felt sooo bad for Morgan! Another interesting character has been introduced in this episode, the nun Sybil!

    Here´s what I loved about this episode:

    1. Merlin and the whole Excalibur story! I find this the most interesting take on the legend that has ever bee done on TV or in a movie! The death of the girl Excalibur was so touching and I really felt with Merlin. Amazing performance of Joe Fiennes!

    2. The nun Sybil is a very intriguing character and I´m very anxious to know as to what her “true” agenda is. She seems to care for Morgan but she is also extremly obsessed with Morgan getting the crown. Plus, the whole story with the nunnery burning out with her being the only survivor let´s me believe that she was the one killing everyone and burning it down so she could find an excuse to stay with Morgan in the castle.

    3. I also really enjoy Gawain! He is really spicing things up for Arthur and the gang!

    4. Morgan shape-shifting into Igraine was a terrific plot twist! I´m curious about what she´ll do with this new power.

    the only bad part of this episode was again the whole Leontes/Arthur/Guinevere love triangle! This makes the show a little soap operah like…but I can see past that!

    I´ll give this episode 7/10 points due to the amazing performances of Eva and Joseph!

  2. George Says:

    @Isabell I fully agree with your 4 points. The show becomes all the more interesting because of the complexity of the characters of Merlin and Morgana. Did you realize that the lake is the same as in Cracks, or is it just my impression?

  3. Lola Says:

    Yeah, both Camelot and Cracks were filmed in Co. Wicklow which is right on the Eastern border of R.O.I, near Dublin! It could very well be the same stretch of water, George 😉

  4. Antigonus Says:

    It is Loch Dann and Loch Tay in the Luggala estate; they’ve used bits of powerscourt also. All in the Wicklow mountains.

  5. Ricky Says:

    I’m in love with Morgan!!