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Eva mentions for the first in an interview what many fans have been asking themselves for a long time. She does have some Jewish blood, but she doesn’t practice Judaism.

Scans > Metro (UK) – May 3, 2011, thanks to Lorna
Scans > Femina (France) – December 17-23, 2001

2 Responses to “New and old scans: Metro and Femina”
  1. F. Says:

    Thansk for the beautiful ed !

    She also appears in a new shoot by Paolo Reversi… in some contrasting style.


  2. Isabell Says:

    Some people seemed not too amused by Eva´s remark of being “a pedophile/transexual/lesbian nun”. Personally, I found that comment kind of funny and it is even more amusing that people can be so easily offended. They often don´t know or tend to forget that Eva has a very dark sense of humour. She was only making a very dark joke and this shoudn´t be taken seriously.

    The other thing in the article that really intriguied me was when she said she was “giving birth to herself” which leads me to believe that filming for “Dark Shadows” has started? I don´t think that she ment a scene in “Camelot”…

    Any thoughts?