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Camelot > Episode 6

Thanks to my friend Annie.

2 Responses to “Screencaps from Episode 6”
  1. George Says:

    Thanks Annie!

  2. Isabell Says:

    Eva looked absolutly stunning in the last episode! I couldn´t take my eyes off of her. There is something so enchanting about her beauty.

    About episode 6, it was a bit slower than last week´s but I really enjoyed all the Morgan scenes. She seems to be a better politician than Arthur is, at least she has accomplished more! The ratings worry me a lot as they droped about 20 percent from last week. I hope that the ratings will rise again with this week´s episode because I really want a season 2! I know someone who has worked on the show as an extra and told me that the story will get even more exciting with season 2!