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Elle Girl (Russia) – May 2005 – (Thanks to Elmira)
Studio Cine Live No. 26 – May 2011 (Thanks to Elmira)
Télé Poche – May 9th, 2011(Thanks to Kev)
InStyle – June 2011 (Thanks to Audrey for the heads up)

4 Responses to “New 2005 & 2011 magazine scans”
  1. daniel Says:

    Pictures from In Style are amazing! Wow !

  2. George Says:

    Thanks Elmira, Kev and Audrey. May is Evafull 🙂

  3. nikos Says:

    Thank You Very Beautiful!!
    So I was thinking remake of “Gone with the Wind” Eva can play Scarlet and I will have the role of Clark Gable : )
    Now that would be One Movie I would love to be in!!!! And would be One Movie you would love to see!! : )
    Best Regards,

  4. Nikos Says:

    I also wanted to say some really great reading in these articles thank you guys and thanks for posting! She seems like such a wonderfuly person and down to earth!! As I said before she is in my eyes in a class of her own!!!