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Camelot > Episode 10

Thanks to Annie.

10 Responses to “Screencaps from Episode 10”
  1. George Says:

    Thanks Annie!
    Judging from the first comments for Camelot in channel 4 (aired in UK last weekend with the first two episodes) I must say that British people are very very sarcastic. However they appreciate Eva’s presence in the show (they more or less say that Eva is overqualified for this show).

  2. Nat Says:

    I saw the first two episodes this weekend. I wasn’t sure about the show overall but thought Eva was THE star (and undoubtedly the reason I shall keep watching).

  3. George Says:

    Be aware of spoilers!
    Quiz: I was told by a friend who viewed the complete series in US, that Morgan has three sex scenes in the show. However Eva said in an interview that she has only one “sex scene” in the show. Who is telling the truth? 🙂

  4. Saverio Says:

    I have watched the complete season as well and without spoiling I can say that your friend and Eva herself are right with both their answers 😉 just reconsider the arthurian legend 🙂

  5. edenLiao Says:

    I think the other two times your friend talked about are that Morgan changed her face into Igraine (and had sex with Merlin) and Guinevere (had sex with Arthur).
    however, Eva did only one sex scene, but “Morgan” did three scenes!
    so, both of your friend and Eva are telling truth! 🙂

  6. edenLiao Says:

    sorry, I answered the question with spoilers. :S
    I was so careless!

  7. Antigonus Says:

    Read the British reviews. To be honest they more or less expressed my own reaction. I thought she was one of the best things in it, but overall I think the series was a failure. I felt they didn’t even attempt to give it a distinct sense of time and place; the dialogue was generally dreadful and the casting was poor. Campbell Bower simply wasn’t strong enough to carry the central role and the narrative felt like it was cobbled together just before each episode to string together a few theatrical centrepieces. Game of Thrones shone by comparison. To be honest I felt though she made a fist of some awful dialogue – wait for the torrent of criticism – she struggled in places – particularly the ‘I will not be denied’ speech’

  8. Antigonus Says:

    Don’t see it getting renewed but I could be wrong….

  9. George Says:

    @EdenLiao @Saverio Yes, we have winners for the quiz 🙂 (although with some spoilers that are not big deal)
    @Antigonus It seems that Eva and her Morgan was a light in the dark ages of Camelot. However I hope there will be season 2 with the producers having drawn conclusions from season 1 🙂

  10. edenLiao Says:

    I watched Game of Thrones as well, to be honest, I like it more than Camelot.
    the only reason for me watching Camelot is only Eva, and she did so well!! however, the sotryline is not that good as I first thought, and I agree w/ @Antigonus, Campbell Bower isn’t strong for the role. but Games of Thrones is based on one of the best-selling novels, so I don’t think we should campare it with an original tv series, right??
    still, I’m looking forward to season 2! 😉