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It seems likely that Game of Thrones casting would borrow from the similarly themed, but very much canceled, Starz series Camelot. Now that the show is off the air, the cast will be looking for new jobs, and Clive Standen hints that one of them will be joining HBO’s Game of Thrones. Standen, who played Gawain in Camelot, took to his Twitter and said “Just heard some massive casting news for season 2 of GOT’s…3 amazing actors (one Camelot alumnus) great choices”

One could assume that he heard it from whoever was cast in the role. There are a few likely possibilities. James Purefoy (King Lot) has openly expressed his love for Game of Thrones. It would make sense that he’d want to work on a show he likes so much. Eva Green (Morgan) has been a fan favorite for the role of Lady Melisandre, a beautiful and dangerous woman with supernatural elements about her. And then of course, there’s the most obvious choice for who the mysterious casting could have been. Jamie Campbell Bower (King Arthur himself) was originally a part of the pilot, playing Ser Waymar Royce. He filmed scenes and everything, but the role was taken over by Rob Ostlere for the final aired version. Having already been a part of production at one point, Bower seems like the most likely person to be cast.

At this point only two roles have been officially announced with names attached to them. Natalie Dormer was the first cast as Margaery Tyrell, the wife of Renly Baratheron. Last week, the role of Brienne, Maid of Tarth, was given to Gwendoline Christie.

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8 Responses to “A Game of Thrones Season 2 Casting has a Camelot Flavor?”
  1. edenLiao Says:

    I would like to see Eva in Game of Thrones… it will make me love the show even more. 😛
    but… I think the character is too similiar to Morgan, and Eva is currently doin’ Dark Shadows, while Angelique is a witch, too. so… it seems that Eva Green is not the person who joined the cast? how do you think?

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    very good and cant wait for this to happen, me and my wife both love this

  3. web hosting Says:

    i would love to see eva in the game of thrones, me and my husnad cant wait!!!!!

  4. Audrey Says:

    I’d like to see Eva in Game Of Thrones! The Show is great! But i agree with you edenLiaao, i don’t think she will. (James Purefoy would be a very good choice!)

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  5. edenLiao Says:

    casting news!!! Melisandre will be played by Carice van Houten a Dutch actress, but not Eva! (a little bit… sad, for me)

  6. edenLiao Says:

    since Eva is always fans fav for the role Melisandre in Game of Thrones, hmm… let’s keep guessing who’s the person from Camelot joinin’ the show!

  7. edenLiao Says:

    the answer is arrived, Liam Cunningham who was in Camelot has been cast as Davos in Game of Thrones!

  8. roope Says:

    you are cute