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Below is the trailer for Travail: Dawn of a New Day, an Indie drama by Raymond Deane starring none other than our very own Nikos! We wanted to help support his work and what better way to spread the word about the film than to share it here with you guys. Please visit film’s official site here and Facebook page here for additional information, photos and more. Enjoy!

9 Responses to ““Travail: Dawn of a New Day” trailer”
  1. Nikos Says:

    Thank You Stef & Mariana for posting my current film “Travail” as we
    are All getting set for post production. Writer / Director: Raymond Deane is
    a Genius and I look forward to Travail the Movie and the Success it will have in
    The Entertainment World. What an Honor it is to have Travail posted here amongst friends
    I have made over the last 18 months on and an Actress that has inspired
    me with her Talent, Elegance, Grace and Beauty!

    I had to keep reminding myself because this movie is so powerful with emotion and content that
    it is just a movie and that is not me just my acting. Raymond Deane would keep telling me “Nick we know
    it is not you I wrote the script remember” However it was a challenge I needed to successfully execute and
    I did put my heart and soul into the character of Detective Herman. This was my first Lead Role and I am
    very Proud of the Movie but also the Cast and Crew who have become a family to me just like you folks
    here on

    In Closing I again thank you Stef and Mariana and All my friends here on this wonderful Site and Naturally
    to Eva Green who just on her acting has given me Passion & Desire to Execute.

    Strength and Honor

    Nick Dubanos “AKA” Nikos

  2. George Says:

    Nice work Niko! Keep on and good luck!

  3. np001 Says:

    You the MAN Nikos. Will definitely watch the movie. Hope to see you act with Ms Green one day.

  4. Antigonus Says:,4665116,ApplicationVideo.html

  5. Nausicaa Says:

    Wow, congrats Nikos!

    Found this, re: Perfect Sense:,4665116,ApplicationVideo.html

  6. EvaAnne Says:

    Congrats, Nikos!

  7. spot Says:

    so happy and congrats to you Nikos! best wishes and good luck!

  8. Emma Says:

    Congratulations nikos!!!! I hope you go far in you career and good luck in the futur!!! 🙂

  9. Nikos Says:

    Thank You to All My Friends here and for your Well Wishes for the Movie. I understand even more now what Eva talks about when One must become the Character during Filming.
    You Folks Here are The Best….!!
    Stef & Mariana the Website Looks Great!
    Looking forward now to seeing Eva in Dark Shadows : )
    Always Thanking Eva as Well..!
    Best Always,