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The first pictures from the UK Premiere of “The Perfect Sense” are now in our gallery. Eva is looking stunning as usual. 🙂 Keep checking back for more! 😉


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  • 5 Responses to ““Perfect Sense” – UK Premiere”
    1. Felics Says:

      she is nice looking, but the dress looks like a wallpaper …..

    2. edenLiao Says:

      Eva’s gorgeous!!!
      It’s happy to see Ewan and Eva both attend the premiere!!!
      perfect match!!!

    3. Emma Says:

      I totally agree EdenLiao!!! Eva and Ewan and Eva and Daniel are the two best couples ever!!!! I simply cannot wait to see perfect sense!!! 😀

    4. np001 Says:

      Thanks Mariana! Eva looks hot as usual.

    5. Sandrine Says:

      I planned to go but I unfortunately had a last-minute meeting at work. I’m SO gutted!!
      Waiting for “Dark Shadows” premiere now! 🙂