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Our dear friend Riikka had the amazing opportunity to attend the recent London premiere on behalf of Eva Green Web. Her review and a some of her lovely photos are below. Please do not post her review or photos elsewhere as they are an EGW exclusive. Thank you and enjoy.

I attended the London premiere of Perfect Sense on Tuesday, October 4, as a representative of Eva Green Web. I’ve been a big fan of Eva’s work since her performance in The Dreamers and I’m not only a long time friend of Mariana and Stef, your webmistresses, but a visitor of Eva Green Web since day one. Needless to say, I was thrilled to represent the site at the premiere of Eva’s newest film, let alone one directed by David Mackenzie and co-starring Ewan McGregor, bringing together some of my very favourite contemporary film talent. I brought along my friend Katie, who took on the task of snapping photos.

We took our spots to watch the red carpet arrivals prior to the premiere at the Curzon Mayfair cinema. Ewen Bremner was the first to arrive to pose for the photographers. He was followed by Ewan McGregor, who immediately headed out towards the fans to kindly sign autographs and pose for photos. He was snapped on the red carpet with his grandmother and uncle Denis Lawson, who also appears in Perfect Sense. Eva Green was next to arrive. She delivered the drama in a stunning Emilio Pucci burgundy tulle and velvet appliqué dress and towering Sergio Rossi booties. Eva looked drop-dead gorgeous in person and, boy, did she work it for the camera! She also took time to sign autographs and pose for photos with the fans. I introduced myself to her as a representative of the site and she seemed happy and surprised about it. I’m glad to report that Eva is not only insanely talented and absolutely stunning, as we all know, but also lovely and gracious a person. I was also thrilled to get to shake hands with David Mackenzie and tell him how much I appreciate his work. The whole cast and crew returned to the red carpet to pose for group shots.

Inside of the cinema David Mackenzie and producer Gillian Berrie introduced the film and welcomed the cast and crew on stage. Eva commented that she did not want to say anything about the film, except that she hoped that the audience would enjoy it. And enjoy it I, for one, certainly did. My expectations were high considering that I’m a fan of both the director as well as the cast and I’m happy to report that the film did not disappoint.

Perfect Sense imagines a world stricken by a mysterious disease that removes each one of our senses, one by one. It is set in Glasgow, where Susan (Green) and Michael (McGregor) meet and fall in love while the world around them is falling apart. As the disease grows more intense, so does their relationship. With each sense stripped off, the bond between the two characters grows stronger. Indeed, we largely experience the devastating effects of the catastrophe through the lovers and the relationship between Susan and Michael provides the heart of the film.

The disease and the connected symptoms allow the cast, most notably Green and McGregor, to act out a wide range of intense emotions. For example, Susan and Michael’s first intimate encounter occurs among a burst of tears and heavy-hearted embraces. Towards the end of the film both Michael and Susan unleash torrents of fury fuelled by the disease. Eva and Ewan act with conviction and their performances are both powerful and moving. Their chemistry is visceral and believable human connection.

Our evening was crowned by cocktails at an after party held at a club in Mayfair. We got to meet both Eva and David again and congratulate them for the wonderful work on the film.

If you’re looking for a film that is touching, thought-provoking and haunting, do yourself a favour and go check out Perfect Sense, which is out in UK cinemas on Friday.

4 Responses to “Eva Green Web “Perfect Sense” London premiere exclusive”
  1. George Says:

    Thank you lucky Riika! A life experience for you!

  2. Lucas Says:

    That’s amazing that this website is able to have a representative attend a premiere screening. It must make you guys feel like all your hard work is paying off!

    Eva looked incredible as always and I loved this article, Rikka.

  3. Jess Says:

    Lucky Riikka getting to see Eva and Ewan! I loved reading her report and seeing the photos she was able to take of Eva.

    And as usual, you’re doing an incredible job on this site Mariana & Stef <3

  4. Maria Says:

    Loved reading the rapport! And how happy I am for your sake you got to meet Eva and the others! 🙂