Stef   /   November 17, 2011   /   7 Comments

Dazed & Confused (2011), thanks to edenLiao
L’Express Style (2011), thanks to Aima

7 Responses to “New photoshoots added”
  1. np001 Says:

    Thanks edenLiao, Aima and Mariana for all the new pics. Eva looks stunning as ever!

  2. Sandrine Says:

    ça c’est vraiment merveilleux ! hâte de lire l’interview: Eva contre Eva 🙂

  3. Aima Says: voila’ le interview

  4. Aima Says:

    pardon, je voulais dire l’interview XD

  5. Aima Says: the commercial of Montblanc in Monaco with Eva 🙂

  6. Maria Says:

    Loving all the updates! 🙂

  7. spot Says:

    Thanks edenLiao, Aima, Stef and Mariana for all the new pictures 🙂