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Simply divine!!! 🙂

L’Officiel – December 2011/January 2012

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  1. Aima Says:

    Merci beacouuuup! the photoset is just amazing, so intense, but the interview is plain, nothing new 🙂

  2. edenLiao Says:

    amazing qulity!! thanks!!! I love this set, Eva’s alluring!

  3. Nadine Says:

    I think that Eva Green and Charlize Theron are both wonderful women! But in terms of acting talent and beauty I have to say that Charlize Theron wins by a long shot! Don´t get me wrong, but Ms. Green seems very very pretentious when being on the red carpet! I read the script for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and I thought that Ms Green would make a perfect Ravenna The Evil Queen but Charlize is marvelous in the short teaser trailer! I hope that both Green and Theron will star in a movie toegether! That would be very interesting to watch!

    Eva Green needs to stiop with that pretentious behavior! That would make her more likeable to a lot of people! I got used to it but a lot of my friends deslike her for that!

  4. Nadine Says:

    OT: Both DARK SHADOWS and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN are my most anticipated films of 2012! They have all of my most favorite actors in them. Eva Green, Michelle Pfeifer in DS and Chris Hemsworth, ian McShane and Charlize Theron in SWATH!

    Watch a teaser for SWATH: http://www.snowwhiteandthehuntsman.com/

    and visit http://darkshadowsnews.blogspot.com/ for the latest news on DS!

    I hope that DARK SHADOWS gets a teaser soon!

  5. Aima Says:

    Ms. Green’s behaviour on the red carpet is also a role, may be she just likes wearing that kind of mask 😉

  6. Lucas Says:

    It goes without saying that Ms. Green looks alluring in these photos. I have to ask, is that a fox head in the last photo? I hope not! Foxes are beautiful creatures and shouldn’t be poached.

  7. Aima Says:

    http://worldredeye.com/2011/12/montblanc-honoring-craig-robins/ new photos from Montblanc party but with copyright

  8. Antigonus Says:

    @Nadine – heresy! Just Kidding. I don’t think Ms. Green striking poses on the red carpet is ‘pretentious’; just good fun, playing a role as Aima says. She could hardly be accused of seeking attention elsewhere in her life. Her choice of roles (and red carpet outfits!) appear more interesting, personal and risky than Charlize Theron (and most of the Hollywood A list actresses who appear to determine roles on a more calculated basis, prepare obsessively for red carpet appearances and employ style consultants to determine their ‘look’). I think Charlize is a competent actor, but Eva is more interesting on screen. In terms of beauty I’d certainly rank Eva higher, but everyone is entitled to their opinion!

  9. Aima Says:

    She distinguishes btw real life and illusion and surely knows what should be what 😉

  10. Nadine Says:

    @Antigonus: As I said in my previous comment, I think that BOTH Eva and Charlize are both significant women in their own ways but I do think that Eva Green comes across a bit “unnatural”. Yes, she may be a warm and nice person and warm person IRL but why does she have to give us that cold and distant wibe all the time, when being photographed? I think that it comes across as being a bit spoiled. Charlize is almost radiant and that comes from her personality! She grew up in South Africa were money and healthcare don´t grow on trees. Charlize had to learn to grow up the hard way, losing her father at a very young age because he had been shot. While I like Eva the way she is (because I´ve gotten used to it), it would be a lot better if she would be more open and more humoreous. Charlize has a more light hearted spirit due to her growing up in South Africa where people, despite of experiencing major hardship, are happy and live on! AND about the A-list actress thing, Charlize totally deserves it! Would any other beautiful actress gain around 30 pounds and get her face “uglied up” by tatoo make-up just for a role? This proves that Charlize is able to take risks and refuses to be stereotyped as a beautiful woman, which she really is inside ad out! While I love almost all films Eva green has dione so far, I would love for her to get away from those darker roles and try something more comedic. I believe that Eva Green can be a lot more humoreous while being on set, so why doesn´t she show it more in interviews?

  11. Jessi Says:

    In the photos here http://worldredeye.com/2011/12/montblanc-honoring-craig-robins/, which Aima posted the link in her comment above, who is the tall dark haired woman that’s always with Eva? Is that an agent or assistant?

  12. Antigonus Says:

    @Nadine. That’s fair enough. They seem to be quite different people. I think Eva Green’s reserve and intensity is part of what makes her interesting. She is her own person. As a European I get a bit sick of Hollywood actresses who emote publicly, talk about their private life endlessly on chat-shows and get all gushy when they receive an award; I also hate the parade of predictably dressed actresses with identikit rictus-like smiles and forced joviality on red carpets at awards ceremonies. It’s nice to see someone who appears less eager to conform to public expectations and is uncomfortable with the fame game. Maybe this is a European/New World divide! Theron does seem warm and down-to-earth in interviews, though I’m not convinced that she deserves her acclaim for ‘Monster’; lots of mainstream actresses decide to take on a supposedly ‘controversial’ (but not really when examined closely!) part as a well-calculated decision to garner critical attention (Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball springs to mind). I can’t see many choosing to star in a movie where they have a semi-incestuous relationship with their own son (sort of)!

  13. Aima Says:

    If she was more open and humorous on the red carpet, photo sets, in public in general, it wouldn’t be Ms. Green anymore XD She likes looking somber, she is a bit timid and reserved, and these dark images fit her more, they are may be closer to her nature. But actually she sometimes plays the fool on the red carpet, pulling faces, just look at some of her photos, she is not afraid of being fun 🙂 We can’t compare her with Charlize Theron, they are different, unique in their own way

  14. Elle Says:

    @Aima I TOTALLY AGREE with what you said. They are different actresses with different goals. Eva did not have to be like Charlize, this is stupid.

  15. Chloe Says:

    I agree, she is unique and when you are shy, like Eva is, then it is hard to be humourous and relaxed at big events.I think Eva is an excellent role-model to anyone who’s shy (me included). But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If people don’t like her because of the way she acts then it’s their loss, she is an amazing actress. You can’t base yourself on what everyone wants you to be like because then you are not being yourself

  16. Isabell Says:

    I was wondering: Since “Camelot” will not continue wouldn´t it be awesome if Eva joins the cast of the upcoming “Arthur and Lancelot” movie as….Morgana? She killed it as Morgan on the show… Her scenes were by far the most interesting ones to watch! “Arthur and Lancelot” will star Gary Oldman as Merlin and Kit Harrington as Arthur. There were rumors that french actress Marion Colliard will play Morgana, but those rumors were just rumors…

    Eva loved playing Morgan.. she would be perfect in the movie!

  17. np001 Says:

    I love Eva Green. She is a great actress and has an awesome personality off screen as well. She is not afraid of who she is and doesn’t want to fit in the mould of what people would want her to be. Rather, she stays true to herself and that is what we all love about her, don’t we?
    From The Dreamers till date, I have loved all the roles she has performed, Cracks in particular, and has given her 100% throughout her acting career.
    This is a very beautiful website and hope it keeps on going forever.
    Mariana and Stef, you are champs. I very much appreciate all the work that you guys do. Thank you very much.