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Below is an excerpt from an article by Elli at wherein she shares her thoughts on the newest Bond girls and talks about her top 5 favorites, including Eva as Vesper Lynd. You can read the full article here. 🙂

1. Vesper Lynd
The drop-dead gorgeous Eva Green is hands down the best Bond girl of all time. A working-woman with overtly feminist tendencies, an insatiable ambition, and a secret plan, Vesper is the first — and maybe the only — real, complex woman in the Bond series. She is passionate. She is forgiving. She is unforgiving. She denies Bond on several occasions — and she’s not playing hard to get, she’s just saying no. She’s beautiful. And, most importantly, she gets under James’ skin like no other woman ever has. In essence, Vesper Lynd makes James Bond who he is. No other Bond girl can make that claim.

5 Responses to “Vesper Lynd “best Bond girl of all time””
  1. micheska Says:

    Absolutely agree. There´s no doubt it – Eva as Vesper is the BEST and there wasn´t , there´s not and there won´t be anyone better!

  2. Saverio Says:

    As if there where any doubts regarding that 😉

  3. Emma Says:

    there’s a new trailer of perfect sense!!! i found it on ewan mcgregor’s fansite:

  4. george Says:

    New trailer for perfect sense

  5. Sara Says:

    I completely agree, she has so much more depth than other bond girls, and Eva plays her brilliantly, of course.