Stef   /   December 15, 2011   /   6 Comments

Thanks to George and Emma for the links.

6 Responses to “Perfect Sense Theatrical Trailer”
  1. Aima Says:

    what about the 5th sense? the touch? it didn’t disappear 🙂

  2. np001 Says:

    Thanks George, and the awesome mods of this website. Have you guys seen the movie?

  3. np001 Says:

    * And thanks Emma too!

  4. Emma Says:

    Haha you’re welcome!! 😀

  5. tara Says:

    this site has a lot of images from camelot that you don’t have in your gallery. I just thought I would share.

  6. Antigous Says:

    Green in negotiations to appear in 300 prequel. Sounds like a good part even if she is in danger of becoming typecast (I like the way they describe her as “British”):