Stef   /   March 12, 2012   /   8 Comments
8 Responses to “New “Dark Shadows” stills”
  1. np001 Says:

    I like middle pic where she is wearing red. Hot as ever with a different look.

  2. Winona Says:

    She looks incredible with blonde hair! I’m very excited for this film! And I can’t wait for the trailer tomorrow!! 😀

  3. joyce Says:

    This is so strange, seeing Eva as a blonde. Eiither way, she looks beautiful

  4. Lauren Says:

    Amazing photos! Love her!

  5. Isabell Says:

    HEADS Up everyone! The trailer for Tim Burton´s “Dark Shadows” will premiere on ELLEN tomorrow!

  6. Greta Says:

    Isabell, you are fantastic! I will keep an eye out

  7. BigMan3000 Says:

    Trailer Countdown:

  8. Antigonus Says:

    Trailer for Dark Shadows: