Stef   /   July 05, 2012   /   22 Comments

On behalf of the site and the fans, we’d like to wish Eva and her sister Joy a very happy 32nd birthday. We hope they have a wonderful day spent with loved ones and good times are had by all. Please feel free to leave your own birthday messages for them in the comments section. 🙂

22 Responses to “Happy birthday to Eva & Joy!”
  1. Rich Says:

    Best wishes to Eva for her birthday

  2. Marie Says:

    Un très joyeux anniversaire à toi Eva =)

  3. Alfa Says:

    Happy birthday, my moonshine!

  4. Joyce Says:

    Eva, happy birthday, and may you have many more!
    With much love.

  5. LEI Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,EVA!LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEART! and just wanna wish you a new year of life full of LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, WORK, and POSITIVE ENERGY!!!

  6. Saverio Says:

    Happy birthday 🙂

  7. spot Says:

    Happy Birthday Joy and Eva!!! Wishing you all the best and may you have many more birthdays to come! Party on! 🙂

  8. Rafa Says:

    Happy birthday to you for the beautiful and professional actress but of the world

  9. erika Says:

    J’adore Eva…. Happy Birthday….

  10. Paolo Says:

    Tanti auguri!

  11. CaféNoir Says:

    Happy 32nd, Miss Green! And the best wishes for you and your family.

    With love from Denmark…

  12. .Rooz Says:

    Indeed Happy Birthday Eva en Joy ^^

  13. Rachel Says:

    Happy Birthday Eva,Joy ! Love you ♥ Best wishes for you guys ! XD

  14. ammar Says:

    happy birthday eva…..:)…love from Pakistan…

  15. edenLiao Says:

    happy bday!!!! Eva forever!!! <3

  16. Eloïse Says:


    Je sais que que c’était hier, j’ai eu une pensée! 😉 J’espère que vous avez passées une bonne journée et je vous souhaite le meilleur pour l’avenir!

    Bisous ♥

  17. AusRotteN77 Says:

    32 years ago a star was born today so I hope you do celebrate cuz out of all the actreses in the world your my favorite of them all!!!
    hooray hooray! best wishes from san francisco eva and joy!

  18. Sebastian Says:

    Happy Birthday Eva and Joy.

  19. francescleo Says:

    oh i’m late i know. i was sooo busy the 5th of july. anyway, i’d like to say my greetings. happy happy birthday eva! i wish you happiness,peace, success, and good health. happy birthday!cheers! 🙂
    eva fan for life!!!

  20. Antigonus Says:

    Belated happy birthday

  21. jorge Says:

    happy birthday Eva, long life for you and many blessings..

  22. Zanita Says:

    I believe they both turned 31, not 32. 🙂