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A big congratulations to Nick (aka Nikos), Raymond Deane, Phill Hammond and everyone else involved in the making of the film Travail. The film premiere was a success and we couldn’t be happier for everyone, especially Nick. It’s not every day one of our very own gets to walk the red carpet of their own film premiere! We wish the filmmakers, cast and crew continued success on this film and the others in the series.

Here are a few photos and some of the feedback the film received which Nick was kind enough to share with us:

Robert LaMonica
Travail was a thought provoking and quite disturbing movie…..riveting performances by Nick and Jamie….all in all “outstanding” see you in Cannes.

Ingredients Callinonme
After viewing the film Travail “Dawn of a New Day” I find that all of the participants gave a gripping performance.

I was truly impressed with the intricate method used by the director developing an appeal to various types of moviegoing experience. There were elements such as gore/violence to make us squeemish & cringe in our seats, romance/lust, deception, action/suspense, as well as some comic …relief, and even a bit of science fiction.

The lead character played by Mr. Nick Dubanos was well executed, I had to refrain from booing at his character from my seat, I was completely caught up in the moment watching the film. – I hands down give this film a Ebert & Roeper’s 2 Thumbs Up.

Kudos to Raymond Deane & Phillip Hammond I look forward to seeing future projects on the Big Screen. I wish continued success to all who were involved -Cheers!

Mia Miller
The move was AMAZING… Totally unexpected. I give it 2 thumps up and can’t wait to see it at Sundance. The movie captures the audience and you feel a connection between yourself and the characters. Nick Dubanos is phenomenal, you don’t know if you want to love him or hate him.

You will fall in love with Sam Price and Tiffany Stoker. The story line was great and it touched a lot of the issues that still haunt our society today.

If you can overlook the violence and racism, you will see a lot of hidden messages. Phill ‘bigphill’ Hammond, Raymond Dean and Sam Price did fantastic job and I’m ready for part 2.

Tiffany Stoker
While riveting and disturbing, Travail forces you to look at the way people view the world and judge races, not just the way it’s depicted in the film. Yet with such drama and intensity ongoing…you find yourself laughing out loud (with the rest of the theatre) at the wit of these people in these situations. Talk about necessary comedic relief so perfectly placed throughout the events. This story is about real people, you get real invested, and it’s really scary… because it’s so true…and just the idea that it could be real…is the whole point of this film.

5 Responses to ““Travail” premiere a success”
  1. Nikos Says:

    Thank You Stef and Mariana for posting and All the Support over the last Year.
    I also want to thank my Many Friends I have made on this Wonderful site as there is
    No Better Eve Green Website then the One right here!!
    Your support means the World to me and I will Always Honor and Respect the Friendship
    that has been made here. It is Also Very nice to have it Posted on my Favorite Actress Website
    as I think everyone knows how respectfully fond I am of Ms Green!!!
    Thank You Again : )
    Best Always

  2. Desmond Romaine Says:

    Samuel James Price worked on Travail as the Director of Photography, helped to develop the concept, rapped on the soundtrack, and was one of the lead roles It is very rare when one person is talented enough to add that many contributions to a film. Look for more acting and music from Samuel Price in the near future, Also check out his video production company and friend him at I thought the his contribution to the film and his dedication was amazing. Nick Dubanos as the main acotr was also the dynamic glue that held this whole film together, his range from loving father to psychopathic killer was truly epic. Raymond Deane’s vison and dedication to his dream is seen throughout the film and his attention to storyline and detail is impeccable. Phill Hammond was a machine making it all come together from locations to sound recording he did it all to see that this film was a success. Thank you to Eva Green and friends for the exposure and see you all in Hollywood.

  3. Phillip Hammond Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this ladies, you guys are awesome. We had a great time but you guys were missed. We hope that you can attend the next one , we would love to see you 🙂 Cheers. Love Peace Soul
    -Phill Hammond, Exec. Producer

  4. George Says:

    Bravo Niko, kouklos!!!

  5. spot Says:

    Congratulations Nikos and to the studio, director, cast and crew! I wish you all the best! 🙂