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Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood) has been cat as a lead in White Bird, the Gregg Araki-helmed pic that focuses on a young woman who sees her life spin out of control after her mother disappears. Eva Green and Shailene Woodley also star.

Source: Deadline

16 Responses to “Eva joins Gregg Araki’s “White Bird””
  1. manu Says:

    is eva gonna play the mother?

  2. Bea Says:

    I heard she hasn’t signed yet. But she’s set to join :DDD

  3. Dani Says:

    Great news!! I guess I’ll say, I’m already waiting very eagerly for it 🙂

  4. Antigonus Says:

    Just watched premiere coverage of Skyfall…Berenice Marlohe…frankly she’s no Eva Green

  5. np001 Says:

    Antigonus, there is only one Eva Green. Found this interview in German. Looks new.

  6. AusRotteN77 Says:

    well its no wonder they named evas character the fourth best Bond girl of all time!!!bernice does have an “eva” air to her,which is why i guess they chose her for the role..she resembles Vesper a lil..must be a lil intimidating now for them as it was for eva back when she got the part,this movie looks incredible!

  7. Nausicaa Says:

    I’m glad Skyfall is getting good buzz – I didn’t want CR to be Craig’s only good contribution to the Bond franchise. I’ve skimmed a few reviews, and it sounds like the younger women (Naomi Harris and Bernice Marlohe) aren’t featured to the extent that Vesper or Camille were, which is fine by me. (No need to get jealous on Vesper’s behalf, at least for now. 😉 ).

    I hope White Bird does not disappoint. As happy as I am that Eva got to work with her favorite director on Dark Shadows, I’m a bit sad that appearing in it did nothing for her career, whereas the two films she dropped (Arbitrage; Farewell, My Queen) to be in it were both very well received.

  8. micheska Says:

    That´s crazy! Last night I had a dream about it! I was on the internet looking for some pics of this movie and then I saw Eva in the character of mother….she had dark hair and wore black t-shirt
    well, sometimes I fear myself…

  9. Reinmar Says:

    I wonder why you think Eva is going to play the mother. The description of the movie plot says the mother dissapears so that character may not even be in the movie or it may be at best a minor character. Plus I think Eva is way too young to play the mother of an adult person.

  10. micheska Says:

    I don´t think that, I just dreamt about it 🙂 Of course i don´t want her to play the role of mother, I don´t want her to disappier, I want to watch her during all movie 🙂

  11. Daniela Says:

    @Nausicaa Aw, but you don’t have to be sad, quite the contrary 🙂 you have to be happy for her and her decision cause she got to work with Tim Burton, so that means one of her dreams did come true and you know, it was all for the best, cause we know how wise is Eva when picking roles, she won’t take one if she doesn’t feel confortable with (remember Antichrist, she dropped that role just because of that reason, having the opportunity to work with LVT, whom she admires) and that by the way, is one of the main reasons I admire her, the fact that she trust her guts when choosing her roles… so God only knows how special & gratifying must have been for her to have that chance to work with Tim.

    That being said, I hope she never changes her approach towards the films/stories in order to pick the roles, cause it is that, one of the things that defines her as the fine & unique actress she is and certainly not the typical Hollywood gloryhunter bimbo.

  12. spot Says:

    So happy to hear Eva has a new project!! I’ll reserve my judgement until I hear more about the film.

  13. Nausicaa Says:

    @Daniela, Don’t worry, actually I think choosing Dark Shadows over Farewell, My Queen and Arbitrage was reasonable at the time; it’s not her fault things didn’t work out so well for that film critically and box-office wise. And Angelique as a character seemed tailor-made for her. I admire and respect her choice to only appear in movies she’s passionate about – my sister is also in the arts, and has the same attitude. But I’m selfish and I want to see her in a movie more often than once every two years.

  14. Reinmar Says:

    I’ve just read that Eva is indeed going to play the mother of the main character (Shailene Woodley). I must admit I’m less than thrilled with that news. Woodley is really only 11 years younger than Eva.

  15. Nausicaa Says:

    I’m pretty excited about “White Bird in a Blizzard” now. I agree, it seems Eva is playing Woodley’s character’s mother. That said, given that Eva’s casting announcement was one of the first (was it actually the first?), I think it’s fair to assume that her role’s important, even if it’s not huge. It does sound like she’ll appear in the beginning of the movie at least, and given that they’ve cast someone to play the main character at age 8 (see the imdb cast list), I think it’s reasonable to assume Eva that will appear in the movie in flashbacks too (in which Eva will have to play a younger version of herself).

    Age-wise, Eva’s not a terrible choice to play Woodley’s character’s mother. Woodley appears young for her age, and she’s playing an 18-year-old. I can see Eva playing a young mother in her mid-thirties with the right make up and warddrobe choices (she kind of did this in Womb, didn’t she?). And if Eva must play a younger version of herself in flashbacks, casting an actress whose slightly younger than her character would be ideal.

  16. Ashley Says:

    I’ve read the book that White Bird in a Blizzard is based on. If Eva IS the mother, her role will be very large. Even though her character is missing, most of the book is told in flashbacks and the mother’s role is as big as Shailene Woodley’s. Eva will no doubt have a lot of screen time and a lot of important scenes.