Stef   /   May 23, 2013   /   6 Comments

Welcome to the new version of Eva Green Web! This beautiful new look was created by the lovely Tathy and we hope you will all like it as much as we do. As much as we loved the last design, it had been online for a year and we thought it was time to spruce things up a bit with another one of our favorite photoshoots of Eva. Please let us know if you spot any errors so we can fix them ASAP.


6 Responses to “New design!”
  1. George Says:

    I like it! Well done and thank you Tathy, Stef and Mariana

  2. on the run Says:

    Wow, more green 🙂

  3. edenLiao Says:

    wow!!! this is great, thanks!!!

  4. Saverio Says:

    Great new look! Thank you

  5. Jingle Says:

    Looks very suited for Eva…green is for Green! Cool and warm….

  6. Elle Says:

    Wow, the new layout looks stunning, thanks! Which photoshoot is that? I’ve never seen it before, Eva looks gorgeous.