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Q&A session for Eva Green – 09.05.2013

9. What was your experience with Robert Rodriguez’s way of filming? I guess you shot a lot of scenes in front of a green screen. Was it more difficult than conventional shooting? How was the chemistry between you and Josh (Dwight) Brolin?
Well for the green screen, it was pretty distabilizing as there’s nothing real around you, so the most important thing is to connect with the other actor, otherwise you’re lost… Josh Brolin was a wonderful partner, he really does have that «film noir » aura about him, hard boiled with a heart of gold…

10. How do you spend your free time during shooting periods, e.g. in Austin and Johannesburg? (I hope there was (is) some free time…)
In Austin, it was a very intense shoot and as I was cast last minute, I spent all my free time working with my coach in my hotel room…
One of the nicest things about being an actor is you get to discover all these exotic places, and South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. We shot « Salvation » surrounded by baboons, cheetahs, and buffalos… How cool is that ?

11. What do you prefer more: reading books or watching movies? Any books or movies that you liked lately?
I love both.
« Tabu » by Miguel Gomes was the last film I saw and I thought it was really a gem, we don’t make movies like this anymore. It was eccentric, gentle, and daring…
I just read « A Long Walk to Freedom » by Nelson Mandela and he is my hero !

12. What is your favorite sport? (either to watch or to do)
I love watching rugby. Very sexy, dirty men!

13. What’s more likely for you in the future: to play in a London theater someday or to create a twitter account 🙂 ? What’s your relation with new technologies (internet, smartphones, tablets, social media)?
I love the internet but it can be addictive…

14. According to your experience, talent or hard work is more important in becoming a good actress? Or is it actually talent for hard work?
Both talent and hard work are needed to become a success in any job.

15. A lot of reunions lately in your projects. How do you feel about collaborating with familiar people? By the way, do you keep contact with Bernardo Bertolucci?
It’s always nice to work with people whom I’ve worked with before… your first day of school becomes less daunting…

16. What was the best and the worst thing that happened to you during the last couple of years?
Working with Tim Burton was a dream come true… I can die now…

17. Finally, where are you now while completing this Q&A session?
I’ve just returned from South Africa… and keeping busy as usual…

— THE END — I hope that you enjoyed the reading! Thank you very much to Eva Green, her sister Joy and George. 🙂

18 Responses to “Second Exclusive EvaGreenWeb.com Q&A with Eva Green – Part II”
  1. Ashley Says:

    What a beautiful Q&A! Thanks to EvaGreenWeb, Eva, Joy, and George!

  2. Valdemar Says:

    Oh Green, dear, please elaborate a litte 😉

  3. Johnny Says:

    Amazing Q&A, like the previous one! Thank you so much Mariana, Stef, Joy, George and of course Eva!
    Love the new layout of the website as well, looks great and very green. 🙂
    So cool that Eva watched Tabu, a portuguese movie! It’s a beautiful and very atypical movie for sure. I strongly recommend it.

  4. np001 Says:

    Thanks again Mariana, Joy and George. Thank you Eva.

  5. Marijan Petek Says:

    Thanks a lot for this Q&A. Many thanks to Eva, Joy, George, EvaGeeenWeb.
    I love Eva’s movies. Mostly I adore to”Kingdom of Heaven”. Best movie of all times.
    Kind regards from Zagreb (Croatia).
    PS: @Eva: habe you ever visitd Croatia? A beautiful Country! 😉

  6. edenLiao Says:

    thank you so much!!! though she didn’t answer some, but your interview with Eva is still the best, the questions are what I wanna ask, too!!!! maybe next time we can submit our questions? 🙂
    thanks again!!!!

  7. Salem Says:

    Incredible Q&A !! Thank you very much for all !!

  8. AusRotten Says:

    haha she manueverd very nicely around some of those questions..very classy <3 😀

  9. Carla Says:

    me encanto!!!!

  10. Isabell Says:

    I love reading those kind of interviews because you get a lot of information out of them. I am excited for Eva because she has been working on one film after another. I am most excited for “Sin City” because I am also a huge fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I hope that Eva and Joe will share some scenes together.

    In the future, I hope, that Eva will work with the insanely talented and cute Ellen Page! I actually had a dream recently in which those two were playing sisters! Ellen could be playing Eva´s younger sister, LOL! Both Eva and Ellen look good off screen. I have seen some “up-close” amateur video footage of them. Ellen has the most beautiful eyes and she is sooo tiny. Eva is very statuesque and very elegant…

    Anyway, Eva, if you read this, PLEASE work with Ellen Page! She has received an oscar nom for her amazing performance in “Juno”! You´ll love her!

  11. Nausicaa Says:

    This was great. Isabell, I keep my fingers crossed whenever Eva gets cast in something that she’ll appear alongside my personal faves. My own wish list of costars include Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Sam Elliott (again), and Sean Bean. As far as women, Juliette Binoche, Cate Blanchett, Emma Thompson, and Ludivine Sagnier. Congrats on scoring the interview, Mariana.

  12. spot Says:

    Thank you for this interview Eva, Mariana, Stef, Joy & George! 🙂

    It’s so nice to read her comments and input on a lot of the questions although I personally smirked at how professional and classy she is on avoiding some of the questions. I sincerely hope we can get this Q&As more often (maybe twice a year? 😉 )

  13. Emma Says:

    http://dcomp.deviantart.com/art/Eva-Green-as-Ava-Lord-in-Sin-City-2-351407595 very first picture of eva from sin city!! 😀

  14. Mariana Says:

    Emma: Thanks for the link and for thinking of us, but, actually, that’s a fan photo, a montage made using a photo from a old photoshoot of Eva. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Click on the link below and you’ll see which photoshoot I’m talking about:

  15. AusRotten Says:

    i bet that was one of the photos that convinced the guys makin sin city 2 that eva was their girl to play ava !- i mean cmon she embodies femeninity with a hint wickedness in that photo haha

  16. Nikos Says:

    You guys did an excellent job on the interview with Eva Green, Bravo!!
    Hope all my wonderful friends are all doing well these days!
    Best Regards Always,

  17. Daniela Says:

    Well, hello there! Guys, this is great! Thanks to everyone involved, who made this interview possible and of course, the lovely Eva.

    On a side note: I never thought Eva would like Rugby, I thought she was more a Tennis-fan kind of girl, you know 😉

  18. XXXXX Says:

    In the first movie in which performanced an infautation me. You look very innocently, beutiful, delicate. How stopped on the moment movie I saw: sad, terror, cleannes. Woman dreams, hidden dreams, with which can to survive all life.
    But next(in next movie) you lose everything, maybe lerned play in movie or first movie suck all, what was beatiful in you.
    If whenever I will discover principle, which permission me to move back in the past, you must know that I will find you, I will take you and I not permission want you again it lose. I promise.