Stef   /   June 01, 2013   /   1 Comment

I’m a little late in posting this, but you can now watch Travail, starring our very own Nikos, online either below or here on YouTube. Congratulations again to Raymond Deane, Phill Hammond, Nikos and everyone else involved in the film. Visit for more information on the film as well as additional social media links.

One Response to “Raymond Deane’s “Travail””
  1. Nikos Says:

    Hi Stef,

    I have been out of touch for awhile and just jump on here for the first time
    and it was very nice to see you posted this regarding Travail, Thank You : )
    I hope you and everyone here on the Website are All doing well these days!
    Miss You Guys! Naturally I must also say the Eva Green website looks “GREAT”
    What a Wonderful job you all do here!

    Always The Best to you and again Thank You for the post!


    I’ll be sending you a personal Email soon to catch up : )