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Thanks to AusRotten for the link.

7 Responses to “Eva Green Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Interview with Fandango (Video)”
  1. spot Says:

    Thank you for the video AusRotten and thanks Mariana for posting it!

    I found another one with Noam Murro and the cast. Eva comes on at the 2:40 mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhf-nuSNRB4

  2. np001 Says:

    Thanks Ausrotten, Mariana and Stef. Great to lots of recent updates :).

  3. AusRotten Says:

    No worries ! anyone else wondered.who was the guy bein interviewed next to eva in that unfortunate lookin gray with white dots shirt? I found his arm kinda distracting haha

  4. Alfa Says:

    She could play Gollum.

  5. AusRotten Says:

    @alfa, if she wouldda play gollum I wouldda actually seen that snooze fest, everytime I tried watchin a lotr movie i dozed of.hah-, she could play a gorgeous elf too ..yah id watch that.

  6. spot Says:

    @ausrotten I agree about her playing an elf! She should be casted as Lúthien if Peter Jackson ever decides to adapt The Silmarillion to the big screen.

  7. Nikos Says:

    Looks like this will be a Great Movie! Looking forward to seeing it as the Hype is Building : )